HP Education & Training India

Special Offers

With HP education consulting services, we work with you to understand your unique business drivers, learning culture, skills, timelines, and budget to create a custom learning solution by doing the following:

  • Collaborating directly with you
  • Assessing your people’s readiness
  • Evaluating the impact to your business
  • Determining an appropriate learning approach
  • Providing valuable learning to enable change
  • Evaluating solution results

As a first step, we conduct a discovery workshop. During this workshop we analyze and identify a number of areas such as your business processes, goals, audience, development strategy, existing activities, and much more. Based on the outcomes of the discovery workshop, the HP team can develop a more detailed education strategy and an initial project plan.

During times of significant change, employees are tasked with increased workloads and are required to quickly learn new skills, processes, and tools. Managers are also challenged with effective management and communication of the changes.

With management of change services from HP, we work with you to develop and deliver a change management plan that focuses on communications to gain support and commitment from your employees, as well as a unique mix of education methods to help employees learn new skills, improve performance and deliver results.