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E-Governance Capacity Building Rollouts

The launch of the National e-Governance Plan (NeGP) has given a strong fillip to the use of ICT tools amongst government departments and bodies. However personnel’s unfamiliarity with computers, comfort with older processes and sheer scale of training often creates significant resistance to change and hampers overall adoption of new systems/processes.

HP’s experience with such situations has enabled us to design solution for such needs. These solutions are built on a robust framework of:

Management of Change services

  • Organizational Scan to evaluate the readiness status of the organization and its employees for the proposed change
  • Communication Plan encompassing the when, whom & how of the change sought
  • Change Strategy to bring about sensitization, awareness and change leadership

Training Needs Analysis services

  • Task Analysis to identify tasks each role is expected to perform
  • Skill Analysis to identifying current skill levels
  • Gap Analysis to formulate an approach to bridge the gap

Learning design, Development & Delivery services

  • Curriculum design and development of custom role-based ILT / e-learning content
  • Training delivery consisting ‘Train the trainer’ and actual training delivery

End-to-end Planning & Management services

  • Scheduling of training
  • Logistics management such as facilities provisioning and courseware printing and dispatch
  • Administration including tracking/compiling attendance, feedback & assessment

Lab-In-a-Box Solution

Developing countries like India are underserved by current methods of education delivery. The costs of infrastructure have increased significantly, severely burdening the exchequers of governments. Together with non-availability of qualified teachers and widespread teacher absenteeism, this lack of quality of infrastructure and has made it difficult to make education reachable to every citizen.

Looking at this alarming reality HP, in collaboration with NCERT, developed a transportable IT-enabled classroom. Christened ‘Tatkal Kaksha’, this ICT lab-in-a-box is an affordable, scalable and effective solution that leverages expanding broadband access, extensive crowd-sourcing and widespread adoption of the technologies to offer a new way of education service delivery to students. The highlights of this solution are:

The highlights of this solution

  • A shipping container with 15 HP PCs, a printer and furniture, Tatkal Kaksha is a fully equipped, self-powered, mobile computing center that can be transport and deployed to any location in India
  • The Tatkal Kaksha comes equipped with wireless access connected to a remote cloud enabling teachers and students to access to relevant educational content from NCERT’s education content platform
  • This content could be printed on HP’s networked printers
  • The Tatkal Kaksha could also include technology to electronically track school drop-out rates effectively with a simple fingerprint reader that connects to a PC in the Lab and is able to send the attendance information to a government server
  • HP VideoBook, a platform that uses textbooks to leverage the vast educational video resources available online and makes it available in the context of the textbook

e-Learning Services

A variety of government organizations seek to use computing devices for the purpose of learning with the intention of empowering those learners who have been untouched by and thus out of the mainstream knowledge revolution. While governments are working overtime to ensure that devices and infrastructure are in place, creation of quality content remains an area where significant work remains to be done.

HP, rated amongst world’s top 20 content development companies by TrainingIndustry.com, has a variety of solutions tailored towards such needs. These include:

Learning design, development & delivery services

  • Curriculum design and development of custom e-learning content
  • Rapid conversion of existing ILT content into e-learning

Learning Management System platforms

  • Register users, organize by roles, assign role-based learning paths
  • Manage training events, assessment and certification
  • Manage learning content

HP Virtual Rooms

  • A platform that enables teachers and students from different geographies to collaborate in an online platform to undergo personalized learning and mentoring