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Special Offers

Learning Management Systems (LMS) can assist you in planning training activities, assessing skills and competences, managing users, courses, and training materials, tracking student progress, and delivering activity reports. HP can offer you a learning management solution that best fits your needs.

Searching for and analyzing information consumes nearly 25% of the typical information worker’s time, making these tasks a prime target for companies looking to increase productivity. Performance Support significantly increases workplace productivity by providing immediate information to employees while they work, delivering just the right amount of information at the moment of need. With Performance Support delivery of relevant information is measured in seconds not minutes or hours.

You can raise your people-development activities to the next level by adding a performance or talent management option. This will allow you to identify and promote the right personnel, help meet future growth needs, consolidate activities, and create a plan. With HP your learning portal solution enables a one-stop-shopping experience for education and people development activities in your organization.