Collaborate to innovate with PLM

To drive innovation across your global design and engineering organization, you need collaborative solutions that reduce the time, cost and complexity of product development. That is where we can help. Working with global industry leaders, we deliver solutions that enable innovation and shorten time-to-market while improving efficiency and productivity. We can help you quickly and cost-effectively derive the most value from the knowledge that resides throughout your extended ecosystem.

  • HP PLM Consolidation solution - enables a comprehensive strategy that encompasses the entire product lifecycle and addresses your strategic business direction. It creates a holistic view of your company’s product development and engineering, enabling you to address issues that cross business units—including reuse, global engineering, maintenance, acquisitions, and security.
  • HP PLM Modernization solution - is a fundamental enabler for companies seeking to reduce time to market of new products and services, as well as reduce costs, and improve product quality in a more secure environment. The solution supports your initial assessment and roadmap creation on through to a modernized environment, data migration and continuing into operations.
  • HP Quickstart PLM solution - creates a globally-distributed product and process information platform for OEMs and their joint ventures, partners and suppliers, enabling seamless data synchronization and real-time collaboration. With preconfigured modules for various types of suppliers and tailored to OEM-specific requirements, the solution can help you improve business outcomes, ensure responsiveness, and provide quick deployment with minimal risk.
  • HP engineering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (eVDI) solution - allows high-end graphical engineers and manufacturing designers to collaborate, innovate and work anywhere on any device. We help you collaborate, protect your IP and get to market faster.
  • HP Data Management for High Performance Computing solution - is designed to integrate traditional HPC environments with PLM to accelerate and streamline the design and engineering processes with more realistic and detailed virtual mock-ups and the ability to visualize, simulate, and test multiple alternatives in parallel. Co-locating and connecting HP High Performance Computing with the PLM system improves your data management enabling you to reduce design errors and implement design changes faster thus providing better performance and lower costs.

When everyone is on the same page, you can accelerate product development and deliver innovation on time and within budget. We can help you collaborate throughout your ecosystem and drive success with technology improvements in processes, supply chain, program management and IT infrastructure.


Additional Solutions

Aerospace and Defense
Reduce product life cycle spend, move products and services to market faster, and focus on innovation with HP solutions for aerospace and defense.

Reduce costs, shorten time to market, create supply chain efficiencies and improve customer satisfaction with HP solutions for global automakers.

IT Cost Optimization
Positively impact your bottom line by streamlining operations and driving costs down with IT Cost Optimization solutions from HP.

Manufacturing Execution Systems
Gain real-time visibility, control and synchronization that enable fact-based decision making, accelerated application of new functional and process requirements, better coordination and governance, measurable operational benefits, leaner ERP and increased plant floor agility.

Supply Chain Management
Streamline your supply chain operations, improve information workflow, reduce costs and mitigate risks with HP supply chain solutions.

Sales and After Sales
Modernize your customer interactions driving sales and customer satisfaction, rationalize warranty expenditures, and grow your revenue and profits by extending your reach into the complete product life-cycle.



engineering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure speeds innovation

HP Product Lifecycle Management: Collaborate to innovate