Does your data center fear a catastrophic failure? The HP XP P9500 Storage is bulletproof storage for mission-critical Converged Infrastructure where constant access to data is required—even in the event of a disaster. Designed for organizations that cannot afford any downtime, the XP P9500 combines a high-performance online scalable fully redundant hardware platform with unique data replication capabilities integrated with clustering solutions for complete business continuity.

The HP XP P9000 Software Family decreases the complexities of critical data management. Through thin provisioning, organizations can improve storage utilization.

Virtualization simplifies the management of diverse systems. Smart Tiers improve storage performance and controls costs.

Consolidation becomes a reality by managing open systems, mainframe, and HP NonStop applications all on a single XP P9500.


Resilient Constant Data Availability Allows Operations to Continue No Matter What Happens

Operating a business demands constant uptime; the risk of data loss or downtime is always at the forefront. The HP XP P9500 mitigates that risk, since all components are redundant, hot-swappable, and can be upgraded online.

With a large-scale disaster, you need to not only have high levels of data protection but also business continuance. XP P9500 Storage supports a clustering solution that allows remote mirroring to be integrated with a high availability server cluster to provide multi-site disaster recovery.

Your data is protected even if power goes out as the XP P9500 write cache data is backed up in a Solid State Drive. RAID 6 adds fault tolerance. Continuous Track checks the XP P9500 for unseen issues, and the end-to-end checksum confirms data integrity from host port to disk and back.

Decrease your exposure to data loss with the security features in the HP XP P9000 Array Manager Software. Reduce the risk of unauthorized access, prevent unauthorized modification, and protect your information at the end of its lifecycle by completely deleting data on a specified volume.

Reduce the Cost and Complexity of Storage Through Efficient Data Management

Increase data center efficiency using the HP XP P9500 Storage virtualization with Thin Provisioning Software, heterogeneous External Storage, local and remote multi-site replication, smart tiered capacity, and online data migration.

The XP P9500 has an easy to use task based GUI; Common/Consistent Command Line Interface (CLI); simplified serviceability, and simple provisioning with one-click volume creation, dynamic/automatic provisioning and optimization.

Save power and cooling costs on the XP P9500 with thin provisioning and smart tiers that decrease stranded storage, thereby reducing the unused storage that consumes power, requires cooling, and takes up space.

The XP P9500 uses standard size 19-inch racks with 2.5-inch form factor drives to easily fit into existing data center space and improves the capacity/square meter.

Simplify operations and reduce costs by consolidating multiple applications onto a single XP P9500. By having multiple hosts running diverse operating systems connected to the XP P9500, you can better manage the environment and simplify the implementation of backups and disaster recovery solutions.

Accelerate Business Growth with Swift Adaptability

Thin provisioning provides the flexibility you need to respond quickly to new demands on the XP P9500. You can now configure all the capacity you will need for the future, only buy what you need today. HP XP P9000 Thin Provisioning Software automatically allocates capacity as applications need it.

The dilemma of overbuying capacity today or planning for a costly “forklift” upgrade tomorrow is now history. The XP P9500 scales seamlessly. Main components can be added or replaced without shutting down critical operations. Simply buy what you need now and grow as your needs change.

Flash Module caters to your extreme performance and low latency needs which are efficiently met with the higher performance lower cost solid-state non-volatile data capacity.

With the XP P9500 you get ultimate performance for your 24/7 demands to deliver your critical data at break-neck speed.

The XP P9500 offers the flexibility you need to meet your performance and availability objectives.

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