DaaS – HP Device as a Service

HP Lifecycle Services

See how DaaS improves user experiences

“I’ve already used the service. When I had a problem with my device I came straight here. I found the staff, they looked at the problem I was having. Until the problem was resolved I got a spare device so I didn’t lose any productivity, by being unable to work for this … for this period of time.”
Breno de Freitas, Siemens Engineer Specialist

Service levels and response times for HP Care Packs may vary depending on your geographic location. Service starts on date of hardware purchase. Restrictions and limitations apply. For details, visit www.hp.com/go/cpc.

HP services are governed by the applicable HP terms and conditions of service provided or indicated to Customer at the time of purchase. Customer may have additional statutory rights according to applicable local laws, and such rights are not in any way affected by the HP terms and conditions of service or the HP Limited Warranty provided with your HP Product.