Modernize and consolidate your data environment

Walking into a typical data center today means walking into a complex, siloed world of servers, storage, network, cables and facilities . Meanwhile, there are new systems and business processes that need to be integrated after a recent mergers and acquisition or centralization initiatives. Your first thought is probably to leave things as status quo because you don't know where to begin to improve the situation. HP IT Consolidation and Migration Services will address your company's need to cut operations, maintenance and energy costs. We also free up valuable IT real estate, virtualize and maximize the usage of your current assets while modernizing and converging your infrastructure for future business needs.. All while migrating your data to a more flexible, modern and efficient environment without any major business disruptions.

Our experts will help you discover the benefits of consolidating your overgrown operations and will streamline your operations to save you money.

How to reduce your costs

Cost is the biggest driver in the consolidation process. Companies are looking to standardize and centralize their operations. After a merger and acquisition, companies must integrate systems and consolidate to avoid redundancies. Reducing the cost of real estate and IT are the major drivers for performing data center consolidation. Companies that consolidate their data centers report savings over several fronts. These include:

  • 30 percent savings in operational costs
  • 40 percent reduction in energy usage
  • 25 percent lower real estate expenses
Strategy Services

Attend one of our workshops to understand the value consolidation and virtualization provides, key success factors and people, process, technology considerations.

Implementation Services

Our Consolidation and Migration Services experts will test, integrate and deploy the changes recommended for your data center.

Design Services

Gli esperti dei servizi di consolidamento e migrazione di HP sono a vostra disposizione. Dettagli funzionali, tecnici e di implementazione per il consolidamento del vostro data center schematizzati per voi e creazione di un piano completo di transizione e implementazione.


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