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You’ve committed to your technology, but is the magic fizzling out? Your once-sleek and efficient hardware has become demanding and high-maintenance – requiring more attention and monopolizing your time – preventing you from trying something new.

While you still rely on your legacy hardware to perform standard but necessary processes, you need options to spice up other elements of your IT infrastructure without playing for keeps. When it comes to your technology commitment, can you have your cake and eat it too?

It’s no surprise that IT departments are now thinking twice about how they purchase, deploy, and govern their technology solutions—thanks to the decentralization of IT due to cloud and other emerging technologies.1 Like any new relationship, one size does not fit all. Now you have options.

You can now pay for IT usage over time and play the field, rather than rushing into a long-term relationship with a purchase. This could mean keeping your business-critical operations happy on existing servers, while breaking the ice with a customized cloud strategy to address your longer-term desire to virtualize.

You can lead the IT lifecycle you deserve with the flexibility to make IT commitments only when it’s true love, and integrate flexible usage options to keep the magic alive.

HP Financial Services offers flexible options to give you the power of choice. We can work with you to develop a financial solution, whether you need:

Flexible usage to align costs with the useful lifespan of technology
On-demand to pay for capacity as you need it
Ownership for full control on deployment and use

Contact HP Financial Services and gain the flexibility to acquire technology according to your heart’s content, and learn to love your IT lifecycle all over again.

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IT commitment on your terms


Storage Capacity on Demand

Acquire the capacity you need, as you need it, with a built-in burst buffer to provide spare capacity upfront.
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1 InformationWeek, 2013 IT Budget Survey, September 2012


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