The HP 5500 HI Switch Series delivers outstanding resiliency, security, and multiservice support at the edge layer of large campus and branch networks. The HP 5500 HI has a robust feature set supporting 1440 W PoE+, fixed and modular 10GbE, 9 chassis IRF stacking, Static & RIP Routing, OSPF, MPLS, ACLs, IPv6, and Energy Efficient Ethernet.

The HP 5500 HI Switch Series offers advanced technologies including OAM, CFD, Multilevel Quality of Service (QoS), MPLS, and VPLS and can be managed with the HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) for a single view of your entire network.

새로운 기능

  • High resiliency and multi-service support.
  • Enhanced MPLS/VPLS support and full-featured IPv4/IPv6 dual stack.
  • 1440 W of PoE+ power using dual power supplies for high resiliency.
  • OpenFlow 1.3 지원.
  • 3년간 24시간 연중무휴 전화 지원을 포함하는 제한된 평생 보증 2.0


Highly Resilient, More Secure and Scalability

The HP 5500 HI Switch Series delivers outstanding resiliency, security, and multiservice support capabilities at the edge layer of data center and large campus networks. Advanced technologies include OAM, CFD, RRPP, BFD, Multi-level QoS, MPLS, and VPLS.

Offers scalable stacking with fixed or modular 10GbE uplinks (SFP+ and 10GBASE-T) and up to 1440 W of PoE+ power with dual redundant hot-swappable power supplies for growth and reliability.

The HP Intelligent Resilient Fabric (IRF) virtualizes up to nine physical switches into one logical device for simpler, flatter, more agile networks. The 5500 HI has IPv6 support and fully featured L3 functionality, including RIP, OSPF, ISIS, BGP, and PIM.

미래를 보장하는 네트워크를 위해 OpenFlow 1.3 지원을 포함하는 SDN(software-defined network) 기능이 있습니다.

3년간 24시간 연중무휴 전화 지원 및 소프트웨어 라이선스가 필요없는 제한된 평생 보증 2.0을 제공합니다.

더 높은 수준의 보안을 갖춘 강력한 성능

5500 HI 스위치 시리즈는 하드웨어 기반, 회선 속도 액세스 제어 목록(ACL)으로 더 높은 수준의 보안을 제공합니다.

기능이 풍부한 TCAM 기반의 ACL을 구현하면서 네트워크 성능에 영향을 주지 않고 간편한 관리를 제공합니다.

Non-blocking architecture delivers up to 224 Gbps of wire-speed switching with a non-blocking switching fabric and up to 167 Mpps throughput.

Robust Quality of Service (QoS)

The HP 5500 HI Switch Series supports advanced classifier-based QoS which directs traffic using multiple match criteria based on Layer 2, 3, and 4 information. It applies QoS policies such as setting priority level and rate limit to selected traffic on a port, VLAN, or whole switch.

Creates traffic classes based on ACLs, IEEE 802.1p precedence, IP, and DSCP or Type of Service (ToS) precedence. Supports filter, redirect, mirror, or remark tasks.

다음과 같은 정체 처리로 광범위한 트래픽 우선 순위 지정이 가능합니다. SP(Strict Priority) 대기열, WRR(Weighted Round Robin), WFQ(Weighted Fair Queuing), WRED(Weighted Random Early Discard), WDRR(Weighted Deficit Round Robin), SP+WDRR 및 SP+WFQ.

포괄적인 보안 제어 및 네트워크 단일 보기

The HP 5500 HI Switch Series supports flexible authentication methods including 802.1X, and MAC and Web for greater policy-driven application security.

This Series offers identity-driven security and access control with automatic VLAN assignment. Per-user ACLs allow access to specific network services without risking network security. Security features include: IP source guard, DHCPv6 snooping, STP BPDU port protection, RADIUS/HWTACACS, and SSL.

HP IMC(Intelligent Management Center)를 통해 원활하게 관리할 수 있어 포괄적인 구성, 규정 준수 및 정책 관리를 통해 엔드-투-엔드(End-to-End) 네트워크 투명성에 일관된 네트워크 사용 환경을 제공합니다.

RMON and sFlow provide advanced monitoring and reporting capabilities for statistics, history, alarms, and events.

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