A global village with a global vision

We’re a team 304,000 strong. The adventurous spirit of our people never wavers - we keep coming up with new and better ways to use technology.

But with that success comes a genuine sense of responsibility for the planet we share. After all, we live here too. We want to keep our world healthy for our family and yours.

We have the brainpower and resources to make huge strides through our global citizenship. Big or small, it doesn’t matter: Every step adds up.

Here are just a few of the contributions we’ve made to our global community.
  • Through Design for Environment, our product designers dream up ways to reduce our energy and materials and invent products that are easier to recycle.
  • We’re a global team but we strive to keep our footprint small. We work hard to reduce the impact of our operations and inspire our customers to do the same. Together, we can use technology to create a low-carbon economy .
  • For companies and individuals who want to join the green movement, we lead the way with our tips and tools.
  • We encourage our employees to give back to their communities. Every year, individuals on our team donate thousands of hours to our social programs and other community initiatives.