HP StoreFabric Cables & Transceivers Advantage

HP StoreFabric OM4 and AOC offerings reduce data center costs with modern multi-mode systems that provide better signal integrity. StoreFabric Converged SFP+ single transceiver allows flexible port capability without replacement of SFPs.

Why choose HP StoreFabric Cables and Transceivers?

  • Flexible—Up to 10X better bend performance than existing fiber cables

  • Durable— AOC offerings are lighter than copper cables and provide a better EMI

  • Reliable—Transmit data over longer distances, at higher rates, with fewer transmission errors

  • Cost-effective—Support both FC/FcoE controlled via EEPROM settings

cables | 308x220

Cables for flexible data center designs

Span cable across rows within the data center with HP PremierFlex Fiber Optic Cables.

transceivers | 308x220

Versatile, wire once transfers

HP StoreFabric Converged SFP+—Wire once transceiver simplicity for networking and storage interfaces. Eliminate the guesswork of which transceiver to use. One universal transceiver for LAN and SAN traffic from 10GbE, FCoE, iSCSI and 16Gb FC.

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Easily expand your storage network with port license upgrades

Find the cables, transceivers and license upgrades that you need

It’s easy. Select your switch. On the product page you selected, choose the Services and Options tab.