Make your critical applications more powerful, agile and efficient with HPE storage solutions. Regardless of your IT budget, you can get the performance, availability, agility and efficiency you need to run your critical applications:

  • Tier-1 availability at a midrange price
  • Unmatched affordability with solid performance for messaging and database deployments
  • Industry leading backup performance with federated deduplication across the enterprise

Microsoft Exchange

Confidently grow the number and size of your Microsoft Exchange mailboxes quickly and affordably with HPE storage and HPE’s proven reference configurations.

Microsoft SQL Server

Respond quickly to dynamic database changes, eliminate the need for over-provisioning and avoid downtime with SQL Server deployments based on HPE storage.


Experience a SharePoint environment that is efficient, cost-effective, available, secure—and virtualized for flexibility and agility.


Optimize your virtualized, cloud and traditional environments with HPE Converged Storage for SAP that supports the rapid growth and data protection requirements of SAP deployments.


Enhance your Oracle deployments with industry-leading storage performance and management tools designed for fast, easy access to business data.

HPE Storage products help you meet even the tightest backup and recovery windows in your SharePoint environment by enabling efficient data protection. In addition, you will realize lower total storage costs, improved capacity utilization and a virtualized SharePoint environment for flexibility and infrastructure agility.

Are you facing these challenges?

  • Skyrocketing costs for overprovisioning to keep pace with SharePoint requirements
  • Insufficient storage leading to ineffective backup and recovery
  • Exploding growth of SharePoint sites leading to hardware sprawl

HPE storage solutions can help:

  • Improve storage efficiency and reduce storage capacity requirements
  • Deliver maximum data availability and fast data protection
  • Virtualize your SharePoint environment for deployment flexibility and infrastructure agility

HPE and Microsoft deliver a winning solution

“They really are my two favorite vendors and I am delighted that they work together.”
—Meint Post, Chief Operations Officer, Savings Bank Division, Rabobank International

Rabobank International strengthens its collaborative working (PDF, 1.04 KB)

SharePoint and HPE Converged Storage

HPE Converged Storage solutions for SharePoint enhance collaboration and information sharing by lowering overall storage costs, providing comprehensive data protection and delivering hassle-free management.

SharePoint with HPE StoreVirtual VSA and HPE StoreOnce Storage

HPE StoreVirtual VSA and StoreOnce provide small and midsize businesses with affordable solutions that enable flexible shared storage and rapid data protection. Experience fast backup and instant recovery for unexpected events related to SharePoint Virtual Machines (VMs).

SharePoint with HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

3PAR StoreServ brings leading simplicity, efficiency, and agility to your SharePoint environments. Whether you are a midsize enterprise experiencing rapid growth in your virtualized collaboration platform, a large enterprise looking to support ITaaS or a global service provider building a hybrid or private cloud, 3PAR StoreServ has you covered.

Protecting SharePoint Deployments

HPE solutions combine tape and disk technologies with efficient backup software to provide a unified and automated backup and recovery. HPE StoreOnce Backup is the only solution that drives efficiency and simplicity by using the same deduplication engine across the enterprise. HPE StoreEver Tape solutions deliver a highly reliable, secure, and durable platform.


Optimize your SAP and SAP HANA deployments with HPE storage—so you can rapidly respond to change and avoid downtime.

HPE storage provides:

  • Solutions for traditional SAP environments—including the efficiency, performance and availability of HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE XP7 Storage
  • Certified solutions for SAP HANA Tailored Data Center Integration (TDI)—including the entire 3PAR StoreServ platform, delivering performance and efficiencies with the 3PAR 7450c, the first all-flash array certified for TDI
  • Protection for SAP and SAP HANA data—quick, simple and integrated database recovery and backup solutions

Kumho Petrochemical reduces costs and improves system stability

Business growth and the explosive increase in data volumes had reduced the performance of Kumho Petrochemical’s vital SAP ERP system. Rather than upgrading its old systems, the South Korean company decided to implement a new SAP platform. It chose an 3PAR StoreServ all-flash array with an HPE Superdome 2 server.

Read the Case Study

HPE 3PAR StoreServ for SAP HANA Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI)


For maximum flexibility in deploying SAP HANA, HPE offers SAP HANA TDI certification for HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage. All HPE 3PAR StoreServ models are certified for TDI including the all-new 8000 and 20000 Converged Flash and All-flash arrays. 3PAR StoreServ are the first all-flash arrays certified for TDI and offer significant space, power and cooling savings.

HPE Backup solutions for SAP HANA

Get the data protection you need for your SAP HANA deployment with HPE StoreOnce, the fastest disk backup and recovery solution in the industry. For SAP HANA, HPE offers solutions to help customers customize backup and recovery. This includes file system backup, SAP HANA Backup integration and snapshot support. Additionally, the HPE StoreOnce plug-in for SAP HANA enables direct backups of SAP HANA for optimized data protection with reduced backup time, while providing HANA administrators more visibility and control over data protection.

HPE Storage Plug-in for SAP Landscape Virtualization Management (LVM) 2.1

HPE Storage and SAP bring greater agility and lower operation costs to SAP and now SAP HANA environments. The HPE Storage Plug-in for SAP LVM enables businesses with HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE XP Storage to gain unprecedented visibility and control over there SAP deployments. The HPE Storage Plug-in is now enabled for SAP LVM 2.1.

HPE ConvergedSystem 500 and ConvergedSystem 900 for SAP HANA

Solutions for SAP HANA—with HPE 3PAR StoreServ

Accelerate access to business data with HPE ConvergedSystem for SAP HANA. In-memory computing technology processes massive data quantities in server main memory for immediate analysis and transaction results. The all-new ConvergedSystem 500 scale-out appliance and ConvergedSystem 900 scale-up appliance are based on the latest HPE ProLiant servers with Intel® Ivy Bridge E7 processors and HPE 3PAR StoreServ 7400.With advanced monitoring and management capability, these solutions deliver scalability for mission-critical SAP HANA environments.

HPE Archiving Solutions for SAP

SAP customers are continually challenged by the growth in database and application data. Regulatory and compliance requirements offer additional complexities. To tackle these challenges, HPE offers economical, durable and reliable archiving solutions for SAP.

HPE 3PAR StoreServ Storage

A tightly coupled clustered architecture, secure multi-tenancy and mixed workload support make 3PAR StoreServ—the only storage platform that spans from the midrange to the high end of the enterprise including all-flash solutions with a single architecture—the primary storage you need for your SAP and SAP HANA deployments.

HPE StoreEver Tape

Store SAP data on tape for decades with HPE StoreEver solutions. With the broadest and most advanced portfolio in the industry, HPE StoreEver includes support for LTO, tape media, standalone tape drives and tape libraries. Technology advances include Tape Assure for monitoring media health with alerts about physical corruptions plus tape encryption for security.

Optimize your database environment with Oracle deployments built on HPE storage—so you can rapidly respond to change and avoid downtime.

HPE storage solutions for Oracle provide:

  • Increased Oracle database performance—delivering faster response times with HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-flash
  • Protection for Oracle data—quick, simple and integrated database recovery and backup solutions
  • Lower TCO—savings through consoloidation and HPE thin technologies plus database licensing and maintenance savings with fewer processors wainting idly for storage IO

HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-flash acceleration for Oracle VMAX environments

Keeping up with Oracle database environments is a challenge for legacy storage environments such as EMC VMAX. Database administrators are required to constantly tune storage to maintain SLAs. HPE 3PAR StoreServ All-flash can be used as a read acceleration device with Oracle ASM to significantly boost performance while allowing customers to retaining their legacy VMAX environment. This low risk solution offers a 75% boost in performance1 at half the cost2 of a VMAX upgrade. The solution is also backed by the HPE Storage Assured Interoperability Lab (SAIL) with thorough interoperability and performance testing.


ARLP sees 70% performance increase with new HPE storage

The hybrid 3PAR StoreServ 7400 combines a very affordable price with more than enough flash capability for us. It saved a half million dollars over the nearest competitor in our evaluation, and HPE outperformed it handily. Its ongoing performance has been remarkable.” – Tammy Adler, senior database administrator, ARLP

Case studies
Read the ARLP case study (PDF, 319 KB)

Flash-optimized Tier-1 storage for Oracle

HPE 3PAR StoreServ offers flash-optimized performance along with proven availability and Tier-1 capabilities, all within a single storage architecture. At nearly the cost of HDDs, it delivers a whole new paradigm of application performance, agility and cost savings, including lower database licensing and maintenance costs with fewer processors waiting idly for IO.

HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for Oracle

Does your Oracle backup and recovery solution impact service levels and create unnecessary cost and complexity? HPE 3PAR Recovery Manager Software for Oracle is a highly efficient solution for automatically creating and managing hundreds of application-consistent, reservationless, point-in-time snapshots of Oracle and Oracle RAC databases. 

HPE XP7 Storage for Oracle Environments

For Oracle environments that cannot afford any downtime or tolerate any data loss, XP7 Storage provides six 9s reliability in an array designed for mission-critical converged infrastructure where constant access to data is required—even in the event of a disaster.

Guard Oracle deployments with HPE StoreOnce Backup

In today’s business environment, you rely on the most efficient, high performing, and reliable backup systems for your Oracle databases. HPE StoreOnce Backup systems provide a disk-based data protection platform while addressing data growth by applying deduplication software for efficient, longer-term data retention.

1 Based on HPE internal testing, August 2015
2 As reported by Wikibon, November 2015