HP Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Basic Software Platform is next-generation network management software with unified resource and device management. IMC Basic software is designed for simplicity and ease of use, and offers many capabilities that make it an ideal choice for small- to medium-sized businesses with small network environments that need single pane-of-glass visibility into their network infrastructures.

IMC Basic software supports the management of HP and third-party devices, and is compatible with Microsoft® Windows® operating systems. The software has a fixed-device limit of 50 nodes.        



HP Intelligent Management Software (IMC): cohesively integrates fault management, element configuration, and network monitoring from a central vantage point; built-in support for third-party devices enables network administrators to centrally manage all network elements with a variety of automated tasks, including discovery, categorization, baseline configurations, and software images; the software also provides configuration comparison tools, version tracking, change alerts, and more
Centralized deployment model: IMC Basic software delivers an extensive set of capabilities for managing small heterogeneous networks and is designed for simplicity and ease of use
Rich resource management: IMC software provides powerful network discovery and topology, including a detailed inventory of the network and highly accurate depictions of how it is configured; supported views include Layer 2 and 3, and the ability to create custom views like a dashboard homepage; customization enables administrators to organize and control the network infrastructure based on their preferred organizational model
Flexible, centralized reporting: simplifies an organization's report administration; flexible historical reports provide the information needed for network trend analysis and capacity planning, and offer predefined reports or customization options to define parameters; reports can be viewed in a number of formats, including .pdf and .xls, and can be sent automatically via email, or be scheduled to run at a set timeframe
Integrated sFlow traffic analysis: using the integrated sFlow traffic analysis, the system can collect flow information from sFlow-capable devices; through traffic analysis, IMC Basic software can help identify network bottlenecks, recognize anomalous traffic, and pinpoint varying levels of bandwidth traffic for different services and applications

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