HP Basic PDUs are designed for simple installation, reliability and cost effective power distribution. They come in a variety of form factors and outlet configurations to meet the needs of today’s high-density data center rack environments.

With effective power distribution supporting from 12 to 42 outlet receptacles and power levels ranging from 1.9 kVA through 19.9 kVA, HP has the Basic single or 3-phase PDU for any application. The low profile single piece design on these PDU’s provides ease of access to rear devices for maintenance consideration and provides multiple mounting options.

They are designed for HP racks but will also work in a large variety of third party racks. They can be installed on either side of the rack with outlets facing the back of the rack for easy access and improved clearance.

For higher power density they can be installed side by side on both sides of the rack with the outlets facing in towards the center of the rack.

What's new

  • New one piece design for easy installation
  • Ultra thin to maintain the rear maintenance zone
  • Industry standard button and keyhole mounting


Entry-level Power Distribution for cost-sensitive Environments

HP Basic Power Distribution Units (PDUs) feature a one-piece design for simplified installation.

The PDUs are available is a variety sizes and capacities for any environment.

Vertical models use industry standard button and keyhole mounting to speed installation in HP and many third-party racks.

Can be mounted facing the rear of the rack to prevent interference with equipment maintenance or mounted facing the inside of the rack for increased power density.

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