With simple 0U and 1U installation options, HPE Basic Power Distribution Units are available in multiple form factors allowing you to configure access to power in your rack where you need it the most. HPE Basic PDUs provide a low-profile single-piece design allowing easy access to rear devices for maintenance.

Vertical PDUs can be installed on either side of the rack with outlets facing the back of the rack for easy access and improved clearance. For higher power density configurations, they can be installed side by side on both sides of the rack with the outlets facing towards the center.

Horizontal/Modular PDUs offer a modular architecture designed for data center customers who want to maximize power distribution and space efficiencies. The Control Unit or core can be mounted in any 1U space or in 0U space on the side of HPE Racks between the RETMA rails.

Extension Bars mount directly to the frame so you can configure access to power where you need it.


Designed for Simple Installation, Reliability, and Cost-Effective Power Distribution

HPE Basic Power Distribution Units - Vertical and horizontal models with power output options ranging from 1.9kVA to 22kVA.

Single and three-phase models to meet all your facility power needs.

Tool-less mounting on vertical models via button-and-keyhole.

Multiple mounting options allowing for easy access to outlets and flexible integration into your rack.

Ultra-thin design does not interfere with rear maintenance area of your racks.

Horizontal/Modular PDU Models Can be Installed in any U Position in Your Rack

HPE Basic Power Distribution Units have of a wide range of single and three-phase options providing up to 22kVA of output power.

Can be installed in any U position in the rack.

Horizontal/Modular models allow for flexible configuration of power outlets in your rack.

Vertical PDU Models use Industry Standard Button and Keyhole Mounting for Simple Drop in Install

HPE Basic Power Distribution Units - Vertical models have a wide range of single and three-phase options providing up to 19.9kVA of output power.

Mounts vertically on either side in the rear of the rack using industry standard button and keyhole mounting.

Standard mounting faces the outlet towards the rear of the rack preventing interference in the maintenance zone between rear RETMA rails.

Using the optional configuration of facing the outlets into the rack, multiple PDUs can be mounted on one side of the rack for higher power density.

The Reliable Choice for Your HPE Rack Server Solution

HPE Foundation Care services purchased for servers and storage extend to our rack and power infrastructure products so you don't have to spend additional budget to cover your infrastructure.

Designed and tested for HPE servers and storage products. Take advantage of server and IP-based tools used for maintaining and managing all the equipment in the rack.

HPE can help to simplify IT purchasing, installation, usage, and maintenance for your organization by providing a single point of contact for all your needs.