Enterprise-class management for HP security products

The HP TippingPoint Security Management System (SMS) appliance gives you global vision and security policy control for your large-scale deployments of all HP TippingPoint products, including the HP TippingPoint Next Generation Intrusion Prevention Systems (NGIPS), Core Controllers and SSL appliances. It delivers robust management functionality and flexible deployment. Multiple models are available to match your current requirements and provide a growth path.


Key features

  • Enterprise management of HP TippingPoint security products and policies
  • Supports multi-tenant environments
  • Customizable log formats
  • Integration with HP ArcSight Security Intelligence and Event Management
  • Flexible deployment options

HP TippingPoint Reporting and Archiving is powered by HP ArcSight Logger

This solution collects security event activity and analyzes data to create custom reports, perform trend analysis and integrate reporting to support compliance requirements. PCI Logger is an all-in-one log collection, storage and analysis appliance for cost-effective automation of PCI audits and proactive protection of cardholder data.

HP ArcSight Logger collects information from any system that generates log data. It can process that information as much or as little as desired, and can produce ultra-fast searching across the data. As a result, organizations of any size can use this high performance log data repository to aid in faster forensic analysis of IT operations, application development, cybersecurity issues, and to simultaneously address multiple regulations.

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