Transformation vs. treading water

HP Legacy Applications Modernization & Transformation Services

If you’re like most organizations, you’re working hard to enhance your customer or citizen experience. You’re investing to improve employee engagement, productivity and efficiency. You’re creating new business models to drive growth and create sustainable differentiation in the market place.

What do these have in common?

They all rely on business processes, and the applications which sustain and enable them. Creating new applications is relatively easy. What’s difficult is integrating them with your legacy applications. It’s modernizing and service-enabling those legacy applications to support these new business models that’s hard. Further, changes in IT governance, in your enterprise architecture, in your applications development and testing methods are all required to thrive in the New Style of IT.

With increasing pressures to deliver new mobile- and cloud-enabled services, your applications transformation journey needs to get underway … NOW!

Charting the course

HP Legacy Applications Modernization | Charting the Course

HP can help you with every step of that applications journey.

HP can help you clarify and identify the opportunities and benefits you have from exploiting the New Style of IT. We can provide advice on how to assess, plan, build and implement solutions that use IT more effectively and innovatively to help achieve your strategic business outcomes.

HP can help you rationalize and modernize your applications to intimately meet your needs. We can help you re-host applications and eliminate legacy mainframes. We can help effectively migrate applications from legacy UNIX, Microsoft Windows Server, and other operating environments and prepare them for cloud. We can help you service-enable your applications to support new mobile- and cloud-services. We do this with the most complete, end-to-end, applications transformation services portfolio in the market.

HP can help you transform your applications to cloud. We can assess your applications and help deploy them in the right cloud model, using automated tools to enable new business models and improve outcomes—cost-effectively. As part of that process, we assess your applications for suitability in the cloud. With that in hand we can help modernize or service-enable them to meet your business needs.

HP can help you integrate digitally enabled business process and applications, service-enabling them to support the needs of new mobile- and cloud-based services, while preparing them for whatever the technology future may bring.

All together, we can help you reduce costs and operational risks by aligning IT to business goals, eliminating dependencies on obsolete technologies, and service-enabling your applications to support whatever the future may bring.

Start your own applications transformation journey

The best way to begin is with Advisory Consulting. We’ll work with you to understand your strategies, your near term priorities, your immediate pain points. We’ll recommend a course of action to get your started. For each leg of the journey, we often start with consultant-led workshops that engage business and IT leaders that in turn identify the specific transformation projects and programs that need to be undertaken. HP can then help implement and manage the program or individual projects as needed.

A good way to begin is to contact us to arrange for a one-day Applications Transformation Workshop to better understand how you’d benefit from transformation, and gain insight into your transformation roadmap. The Applications Transformation Workshop is a 1-day consultant led effort, involving business and IT leaders. Together, you’ll understand the impact and dependencies of your cloud and mobility initiatives; understand what you need to do to deal with the risks and costs issues in your legacy applications portfolio. The workshop itself is customized to include other strategic areas, to meet your needs and situation.


What are you waiting for?

The business is moving quickly. If you can’t help them with the New Style of IT, they’ll get it done and dump it in your lap. With an applications transformation, you become the key trusted partner for the business, helping the business successfully achieve its goals and objectives.

Along the way, you help yourself. A full transformation can reduce traditional IT costs by 20% or more. For some clients (including HP itself), we’ve reduced traditional IT spending by 50%. This frees up substantial resources (funding and people) to work on the business’ priorities.


Advisory Consulting Services

HP Advisory Consulting Services helps clients assess, plan, built and implement solutions to use IT more effectively and innovatively to help achieve your strategic business outcomes.

Mobility Advisory Services

Provides consulting and guidance for an effective enterprise mobility strategy that integrates mobility into your architecture, design, development, security and management practices.

Applications Transformation Services

Applications Transformation Services help client transform and modernize legacy applications and applications portfolios to enable and support the new style of IT. These services assess and rationalize the existing applications portfolio and execute modernization strategies based on a transformation roadmap.

Applications Transformation to Cloud

Applications Transformation to Cloud Services from HP can help you fully leverage the power of cloud. We have the end-to-end solution to transform your applications to cloud and seamlessly manage them across multiple environments with an optimal cost structure.

Business and Application Integration Services

Enable the digital enterprise with a more robust and secure integration framework. We can help you define an integration architecture and governance model to support your strategic objectives, help you plan and implement your integration strategy, and service-enable applications to better support the New Style of IT.



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