Different technologies, one answer

Today's business climate requires your company to run lean and mean while getting more tasks accomplished and getting more out of your technology. You are managing both legacy systems and looking to transition and consolidate business critical applications to an industry standard x86 server or cloud environment.

Often, you'll use equipment from different manufacturers with different capacities, operating platforms, service delivery procedures and service levels. Having multiple service providers is often an additional hurdle for your business. HP's Integrated Multivendor Services can provide your company with a technical support team to monitor and service your servers, storage and network infrastructure.

Consolidate your service contract with one provider and easily manage your multi-provider environment. HP Integrated Multivendor Services experts have the knowledgebase and expertise to be your single point of contact for all your service needs.

Escape from multivendor problems

Escape from multivendor problems

Introduces HP Integrated Multivendor Services that are designed for businesses that rely on physical and virtualized multivendor IT environments

Expanding productivity without increasing cost

With the rate of technological change accelerating daily, it is difficult for business officers to keep up. Internal staff must be focused on core business priorities, not the underlying IT technology. All IT organizations today are under pressure to deliver high quality service. Many customers we interviewed acknowledged there are tools and ideas in existence they are currently unfamiliar with, or they don't know how to use properly.

In today's economy, there is constant pressure to control IT cost. This is a critical driver for all IT organizations. Over 70 percent of most IT budgets is spent on managing the current environment instead of driving new innovations to enhance the business. Most IT organizations have a goal of rebalancing this equation.

Data center managers need both ongoing management tools and the ability to call in the experts, when needed, without a lot of cross-vendor "finger-pointing."

Multivendor Support Service Alignment

AtteHP Multivendor x86 Server Support Services provides an easy-to-buy, easy-to-use, and scalable hardware and software support packages for your industry standard servers and software environments.

Multivendor Support Service Management

HP Mission Critical Partnership is now available for IBM and Dell x86 platforms as well as HP platforms.

Multivendor Support Service Operations

Integrated Multivendor Support Service Operations provide extensive ITIL-based support service management.


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