HP Data Privacy Services

Controlling personal data is not just a sound business practice; it’s becoming the law in many countries. HP’s Data Privacy Services may help reduce risk, improve life cycle data management, and simplify your compliance activities.

As a leading provider of server, storage and networking equipment, we are in a unique position to offer services that help you manage and protect sensitive data and personal health information residing on your servers, storage and networking equipment. Our corporate culture of respecting privacy is strong. HP has again been named as the top technology provider and #2 overall “most trusted company for privacy” by a leading vendor in privacy, Ponemon Institute. Our services help you manage privacy across the IT lifecycle.

A good first step starts with retaining the devices where data is stored. Defective Media Retention and Comprehensive Defective Material Retention services allow you to retain data-retentive hardware components after a failure. This is more than just hard drives; it includes memory, system boards, and other components.

An important step that should be taken every time you retire or repurpose equipment within your datacenter is to securely remove data from HP or non-HP storage arrays. Per-event Data Sanitization Services are one-time on-site sanitization activities performed on functioning equipment. If you retain failed drives, you will soon acquire large volumes of loose media that must be sanitized; HP Onsite Media Sanitization Service reduces your administrative burden by performing this work at your site at regularly-scheduled intervals, providing key documentation that may reduce risk in the event of an audit.

As you retire IT equipment, HP Asset Recovery Service helps responsibly decommission the hardware components, providing sanitization and sale or disposal of your retired assets with the potential for you to recover any remaining value for the equipment.

Our custom Data Privacy Management Service is a proactive service to help standardize practices to manage data retentive media and material, bringing together the tools and services we have to simplify your data privacy activities. Let our experts at HP help you control your data while you manage your IT environment.

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