Welcome to HP Mexico.

HP opened sales offices in Mexico City in 1966. As our reputation for innovation and ideas continued to grow, a manufacturing site was established in Guadalajara in 1982. Today HP Guadalajara runs several lines of production, carries out research and development, provides IT and Finance support, the Global Procurement Solutions Operations and is the base for the entire Latin American Distribution Operation.

We now have four sites in Mexico - two sales offices in Monterrey and Mexico City, and two operations facilities in Guadalajara - and we employ over 1500 experts working across many different areas.

We serve a wide range of industries, from IT, services, and manufacturing to communications and medical services, as well as millions of personal users. We are known as the developers of deskjet printers, color copiers design and other products, and we are gaining a reputation in the areas of solutions, logistics and services.

Locations in Mexico