Technical information comes to you

Online seminars are a great solution to obtaining the latest technical information, with tight travel budgets and time restrictions. HPE brings the seminar to you with our HPE Technical On-line Seminar (TOS) Program. TOS offers a variety of technical topics to help you manage your mission critical operating environment.

Duration and location

TOS offers four, two and one-hour seminars which are presented live – not pre-recorded. Many seminars are developed by HPE field Account Support Managers (ASM) who use the products and services on a daily basis at customer sites. This provides them with real-world experience which enhances the content and value.

Seminars are delivered using the HPE MyRoom technology, which allows students to view slides, demos and real-time drawings – as well as, post questions and chats interactively. HPE MyRoom also has full Voice Over IP (VoIP) functionality, allowing students to ask questions throughout the seminar, as if they were in the room. Toll-free dial-in numbers are also provided in most countries, for those who are unable to use the VoIP technology.


Cost to attend a seminar

Customers pay to attend the four-hour and two-hour seminars using the days or credits which are already attached to their HPE Proactive Support contracts. Your ASM can provide more detailed information and determine the number of unused days/credits available on your contract.

Several free Short Take seminars are also available during each TOS series. These free seminars are at a higher level than our other seminars, however, they aren’t your typical marketing pitch. Short Takes are developed specifically with a system administrator audience in mind – so you’ll receive more in-depth information than you’d expect from a free seminar.


Sign up for a seminar

Contact your HPE Account Support Manager (An ASM is typically assigned to your company with the purchase of a Proactive Support contract) and tell them you are interested in attending a Technical On-line Seminar presentation. If you know you have an HPE Proactive Support contract, but don’t know who your ASM is, click the “Contact the TOS Program Manager” link on the right, provide information about your company, and comment that you need to locate your ASM.

If you’re interested in attending one of the Free Short Take seminars, click on the “Register for a Free Short Take” link on the right for self-registration.