Big data analytics with minimal risk and blazing speed

Reap the full power of HP Vertica to leverage real-time analytics, derive valuable insights, and rapidly respond to opportunities through a cost-effective as-a-service model—without investing in software licenses and hardware.

There is more data available than ever. Creating value out of analyzing and combining different data points can create the potential for automation, new revenue and competitive advantage. How enterprises take advantage of these technologies can set them ahead of their competition.

For digital transformations of organizations to become real and affordable, organizations must be able to load information into their analytics platform continuously, while simultaneously, cost-effectively and securely allowing access to large varieties and volumes of data for comprehensive analytics.

This access to analytics can yield new business outcomes, regardless of industry. And having a flexible state-of-the art platform that supports both exploratory uses by data scientists or analysts and high performance processing embedded in production applications can be a powerful enabler.

HP Vertica As-a-Service provides all the configured Vertica platform services without the upfront costs, risks, burden of IT resources, and shelfware, allowing enterprises to focus on reaching their business goals.

Because it is delivered as a service, it is:

  • Available on demand
  • An enterprise-class, dedicated private cloud environment running in a secure HP Enterprises data center
  • Consumption-based, with predicable costs
  • Designed to avoid lengthy start-up and upfront investments