HP Managed Print Services (MPS) solutions are a comprehensive suite of offerings delivered in a consultative engagement. With global expertise, we leverage our experience and reach to provide a scalable imaging and printing structure. By implementing MPS solutions, you can:

  • Reduce costs by gaining visibility and control over your imaging and printing technology, assets and supplies.
  • Free up time for IT and end users to focus on the core business.
  • Improve productivity and accelerate business results with enhanced document workflows.
  • Mitigate security and compliance risks with authentication, authorization and auditing solutions that help control access to documents and data.
  • Increase environmental sustainability with energy-efficient products, as well as software and services that help you better manage print volume.

Optimize your printing infrastructure

The key to meeting the goals of a Managed Print Services implementation is assessing the current status of your printing network to determine what processes are needed to make it as cost-effective, eco-efficient and productive as possible. The HP Industry Benchmark Assessment compares the cost of your imaging and printing environment against a industry-specific benchmarks and provides recommendations for improvement. An HP Managed Environment Assessment identifies opportunities for:

  • Fleet rationalization
  • Cost reductions
  • Increased business efficiencies
  • Environmental improvement

See how HP can optimize your printing infrastructure to reduce costs.


Manage your printing environment

HP employs a deliberate approach to the ongoing management of your imaging and printing environment. Following the initial MPS implementation, your environment is continuously assessed and evaluated. This ensures you achieve optimized cost savings and maintain your resource-conserving strategy by giving greater visibility into:

  • Usage trends
  • Capacity
  • Expenditures

Once the strategy is implemented, your HP Managed Print Services account team generates regular status reports on network printer performance, usage and costs. These reports provide you with greater visibility into expenses. The report also provides information to make recommendations for continuous improvements to efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Learn how HP can help you manage your printing environment to optimize control and efficiency across your business.


Improve your workflow

By streamlining your document-intensive processes, HP delivers a more efficient, environmentally sustainable strategy for information:

  • Capturing
  • Securing
  • Managing
  • Retrieving
  • Sharing

To improve business-critical, paper-intensive processes, an HP Workflow Discovery Assessment may be a smart first step. It analyzes your current practices and recommends alternatives that leverage functions like scan-to-e-mail, scan-to-folder and scan-to-fax found in HP multifunction printers. These digital-to-digital transfers of data reduce the need for traditional hardcopy versions—whether printed, copied or faxed—and accelerate your overall business processes.

The HP Workflow Discovery Assessment can determine if implementing specific solutions, like pull printing, will improve security and meet privacy and auditing regulations. This assessment also identifies areas to reduce wasteful printing.

Learn how HP helps streamline enterprises with workflow improvement strategies.

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Support your mobile workforce

Your employees need to print from anywhere, anytime using their mobile devices. Many organizations have as much as 30 -40% of employees working in a telecommuter environment. Providing them with full capabilities to operate optimally is no longer optional. For mobility and functionality needs HP provides:

See how HP Telecommuter solutions support your employees, wherever they are.

Learn how HP ePrint Enterprise solutions make printing mobile.


Protect your information

Prevent your information from becoming compromised with our security assessments and solutions. Prevent documents from being printed until the proper code or password is entered at the device. Or implement ways for responsible disposal of assets including purging the hard drive of information after it is printed.

»Download HP's Security Action Plan for Enterprise Printing and Imaging
» HP Security for Imaging and Printing


Transform your document delivery

When it is time to evaluate your data center and look for weaknesses, don't forget how your printers fit into the equation. When your imaging and printing system isn't properly aligned, you can't deliver as well and your business slows. Increase productivity by utilizing output management solutions to better manage your data and your systems.

With HP output management solutions, you can combine enterprise information delivery software with:

  • Expert integration
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training

These services enable you to reliably, efficiently and cost-effectively manage high-volume business document distribution. You can deliver business-critical information from virtually any source to any destination across your distributed enterprise—everything from printers and faxes to e-mail, Web or file destinations.

Discover more about HP output management solutions.


Manage your customer communications

HP Exstream software solution allows you communicate more effectively. Create custom templates so your marketing messages are personalized for your customers. This software platform provides integrated capabilities for:

  • End-to-end document processing
  • Variable design, testing
  • Real-time composition
  • Advanced data and content integration
  • Assured delivery
  • Controlled editing of interactive documents

»HP Exstream Customer Communications Management


Digitize your documents

HP Document Capture solutions digitize your document-intensive processes. We help you move processes from manual paper-based document tasks to end-to-end, automated workflows. With automated digital workflows, users quickly sort, search and retrieve documents, resulting in faster action and better decision-making.

Active or living documents can be updated, tracked or changed, and users can effortlessly access documents via the Internet 24x7. Users can easily distribute final documents and information to almost any source, including printers, faxes, e-mail and content management systems.

» Document Capture Solutions-brochure (305 KB, PDF)


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