Deliver infrastructure and application services faster

HP Cloud Service Automation is the industry’s most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for brokering and managing enterprise-grade application and infrastructure cloud services. Increase agility, reduce cost and risk, and improve time-to-market of application services with a self-service portal and management platform for multiple cloud environments. The open, extensible architecture allows you to easily adapt to changing business requirements while supporting heterogeneous IT environments. HP Cloud Service Automation is available as part of HP CloudSystem or as a standalone software solution.

Key benefits

  • Reduce service deployment time from months to minutes
  • Increase server utilization by up to 80%, and reduce TCO by up to 30%
  • Broker and manage on-demand application and infrastructure services
  • Secure environment with multi-tenancy and role-based access
  • Manage multiple cloud environments across private, public, and hybrid cloud

Agility made easy with HP Cloud Service Automation

Agility made easy with HP Cloud Service Automation

Simplify your journey to the cloud with the industry's most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for managing enterprise-grade application and infrastructure cloud services. Increase agility, reduce cost, and improve your time-to-market!


Simplify your journey to the cloud with the industry's most comprehensive, unified cloud management platform for managing enterprise-grade application and infrastructure cloud services. Increase agility, reduce cost, and improve your time-to-market!

A foundation for delivering cloud service automation

HP services for Cloud Service Automation are designed to assist customers jumpstart and manage their private or hybrid cloud implementations. HP Software Professional Services brings together its world class implementation experience and unique intellectual property and enables customers to rapidly deploy a private or hybrid cloud to begin reaping the benefits early.


HP Cloud Service Automation (CSA) is a cloud management platform that allows enterprise IT to manage the lifecycle of services across private and hybrid clouds. HP CSA offers a set of core features and a broad set of complimentary optional integration modules that enhance the management capabilities of your cloud environment.


Easy-to-use, self-service portal for line of business users

Using the Subscriber portal, users can search, browse and order services that are right for them. They can view service definitions, service options and service pricing and define start and stop dates for the services. HP CSA is designed to deliver PaaS and SaaS services in addition to IaaS services. The services can be based on virtual or physical servers and can be based on internal resources or public cloud services.

Graphical Service Designer for creating service designs quickly

The graphical service designer makes it easy to define new services, or modify existing services. Service components can be re-used to accelerate service creation.

Multi-tenancy and role-based access control for security

HP Cloud Service Automation offers multi-tenancy and Role-based access control to allow you to manage secure access to the cloud. Integration with LDAP allows you to use your existing environment to control access.

High availability architecture for business continuity

Business continuity is essential to profitability and staying competitive. High availability (HA) protects against application failures or system-level problems. HP Cloud Service Automation can be deployed in a highly available architecture, with multiple web servers, multiple application servers, and a clustered database.

* For questions regarding HP CSA Core features, please contact a sales expert by using the “Contact us” tab at the top of the page.

HP Asset Manager for cost, asset, and license management

HP Asset Manager enables IT organizations to reduce costs and drive business decisions by managing the physical, virtual, financial, and contractual aspects of IT assets. This integration provides a simple, cost effective and extensible HP solution for managing the billing of the services deployed by CSA. The integration propagates catalogs, service subscriptions and deployed services from CSA to Asset Manager that generates bills for the consumers of the services.

Moab Cloud Optimizer for policy-based workload optimization

Moab Cloud Optimizer can help guarantee the maximum ROI and success of your HP Cloud Service Automation private cloud, making it capable of not only delivering but also optimizing and managing your development, complex application, and mainstream production services throughout their lifecycle. Moab Cloud Optimizer policies automate the real-world decisions through service tuning and ongoing service and infrastructure management. It takes data center automation to the next level to address the capacity, performance, availability, and management challenges IT teams face in meeting the service needs of their organizations.

HP TippingPoint for security

Through the integration of HP TippingPoint’s CloudArmour with HP Cloud Service Automation, customers can easily take advantage of the market’s leading intrusion protection and threat management solution to automatically provision and enable security controls when users order cloud services. Key benefits include providing security for both virtual and cloud infrastructure and enabling HP Tipping Point customers to extend existing processes and tool to secure virtual infrastructure while providing network and security policy visibility and management into virtual networks.

VMware vCloud Director for 3rd party support

Integration of vCloud Director with HP Cloud Service Automation enables provisioning and control of vCloud Director vApps through CSA offerings, thereby protecting your investment in an existing Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution. CSA acts as a cloud service broker to provide lifecycle management for vCloud Director vApps and other cloud services from a consolidated portal and catalog.

HP Server Automation as OS and patching and compliance provider

HP Server Automation is bundled with Cloud Service Automation Enterprise Suite. With these enhancements, Server Automation can now be used as an OS provider in CSA, which enables deployment of OS using SA OS Sequences or Build Plans to compute resources. The included integration shows how to deploy an OS to VMware VMs created using vCenter.

Customers can also create service offerings which allow the user to select patching policies as part of the subscription process, check compliance status, and initiate remediation from Cloud Service Automation subscriber portal.

HP Database and Middleware Automation (DMA) as an application provider for Oracle and WebSphere

It is now easier than ever to create service offerings that deploy Oracle database or WebSphere application server using DMA solution packs. Subscribers can now order Platform as a Service (PaaS) or even multi-tier services that include Oracle database and WebSphere application server right from their CSA catalogs.

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