Storage operations and resource management

Storage capacity planning software is a central console for managing all aspects of storage operations—assets, configuration, topology, capacity optimization, performance management, chargeback, provisioning, compliance and more. With Storage capacity planning you can manage complexity and growth, improve storage utilization and reduce cost, and align storage service to business needs. Allow yourself to easily handle storage automation for multivendor heterogeneous virtual environments.

Key benefits

  • Automatic discovery of assets inventory, configuration, and mapping resulting in visual display of topology
  • Automatic tracking of storage utilization at array, switch, volume, and application level
  • Path-aware performance management in context of applications and virtual machines to better deliver storage services
  • Over 300 out-of-box reports for management and operations team
  • Out-of-box integration with HP Software products to deliver data center automation

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Data Center Automation

Automated provisioning, configuring, patching, release management and compliance throughout the IT environment

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