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Red plans out her art project.
Project Presentation using Economic Printers

Meet the Artist

Red (Hong Yi) is a mixed media artist known for using unconventional tools to make portraits. In her inventive hands, basketballs and coffee cups and socks become tools of unique self-expression. Her first work, a portrait of Chinese basketball star Yao Ming, who she painted by bouncing a paint-dipped basketball, got over 800,000 hits on YouTube. Her work has drawn rave reviews from Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal and The Daily Mail.

See more of her work at redhongyi.com
Art using Durable Ink Cartridge

About the Artwork

‘The Soaring Bird’ is Red’s interpretation of how 1500 printouts from a single HP Ink Advantage cartridge freed her imagination and let her creativity soar. Using an HP printer as her ‘paintbrush’, Red created an artwork 14.7 metres in height and 6.3 metres in width, by first scanning feathers on an HP Deskjet Ink Advantage 2520hc, one of HP's all-in-one ink-saving printers, and then taking 1500 printouts and artfully arranging them to form a giant bird.
Download Red’s art, ‘The Soaring Bird’
as your wallpaper:

JPG 331kb

JPG 286kb

Artwork Specifications

  • 6.3 metres (W) x 14.7 metres (L/H)
  • Made up of 1500 prints from the HP Ink Advantage printer
  • Using one RM 37.00 HP Ink Advantage cartridge
  • Assembled using 30 binder clips, 300 paper clips, 30 file rings and 10 rolls of adhesive tape - everyday office stationery!

The HP Cartridge Project

What would you do with a RM 37.00 HP cartridge that prints up to 1500 sheets?