Solutions for Communications Service Providers and Digital Media customers

With HPE Digital Video Services customers have access to an end-to-end set of industry leading media solutions, services and deep industry expertise. HPE enables Telco, Cable and Media companies to optimize their media services value chain and align with their operations strategy, from content production to content distribution and customer experience. With HPE's unique media industry and virtualization expertise, customers can accelerate their transformation to Media Cloud solutions, create new revenue streams for the best user experience, gain operational efficiency, leverage elasticity through virtual functionalities, adapt to new TV consumption models, and reduce IT Infrastructure costs.

The HPE DVS Solutions

Manage and automate the preparation of your digital assets

  • Increase efficiency in managing your media assets and content aggregation needs, including cataloguing, metadata enrichment, transcoding
  • Decrease OPEX by automating processes with a vendor agnostic and flexible media assets workflow engine
  • One click-channel deployments and Channels as a Service: Immediately provision or de-provision channels, all while monitoring them and automating important actions such as fail overs.

Unleash innovative multiscreen distribution services

  • Create new revenue streams with VoD, cDVR, linear TV and DAI
  • Aggregate automatically metadata for EPG publishing
  • Manage seamlessly all your media services consolidated into a virtualized media cloud

Bring the best Customer experience

  • Monitor real time the quality of video services you deliver
  • Measure real time the impacts of QoS and outages on your customers’ individual experience
  • Cater to changing viewer habits demanding unparalleled experience anytime, anywhere, perfectly tailored for their device

Reduce IT Infrastructure Costs

  • Use technology standards and open source that avoid vendor lock-in
  • Get the infrastructure flexibility provided by Cloud NFV environments and optimize the use of resources on a real time
  • Resolve outages incomparably faster
  • Reduce Time-to-Market with One-Click new services deployment

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Notable projects that will positively impact your business

Deploy new TV and OTT channels in a breeze

Discover how HPE DVS helped customers to get unparalleled flexibility when adding new channels, drastically reduce equipment costs and operational complexity, enable fast and simple maintenance, and failover at nearly real time.

Faster time-to-market for VoD services

Competitiveness in VoD requires faster aggregation of metadata and automation for processes such as check-in, enrichment, transcoding, close captioning or EPG publishing. HPE DVS addresses these needs, and as a result significantly boosts productivity and reduces OPEX costs.

Real time analytics for better consumer experience

The quality of the delivery strongly impacts the consumer experience. With HPE analytics capabilities, top market players are today able to monitor real time outages, accelerate their resolution, and understand the impact of a failover on the individual consumer experience.