Why upgrading to HP’s Converged Infrastructure solutions makes good business sense

With technology as a key competitive differentiator, it makes sense to examine how your current infrastructure can best meet your future needs. System migration to HP’s converged infrastructure solutions can have profound business impacts, including:

TCO reduction:

  • Lower hardware acquisition costs (over RISC servers)
  • Reduced operations costs (licensing, maintenance, and power/cooling)
  • Increased price-performance of Intel Xeon processors puts you ahead of the price performance curve

Improved administrative/management efficiency

  • Decreased server count/higher server to admin ratio
  • Minimized management overhead with a standardized, common infrastructure
  • More efficient and comprehensive tools

Data center modernization

  • Investment protection and choice of mission-critical infrastructure with Project Odyssey
  • Leverage innovations and greater ISV focus on Linux/Windows platforms
  • Less exposure to proprietary technologies

The benefits are clear—migrating to HP helps make your business more adaptable, takes advantage of ever faster technology innovations, decreases costs and increases efficiencies.

Learn more on the HP migration approach

HP services roadmap to successful migration

With the HP Migration Center you get the benefit of over 25 years of experience helping customers achieve smooth migrations from legacy systems to HP infrastructure.

The HP Migration Center offers proven expertise spanning all of your migration needs, including database, server and application migration. Our experienced team, factory approach, repeatable methods and re-useable tools means that you avoid the learning curve, cost and risk of approaching the migration alone.

Rely on the HP Migration Center to help identify and implement the right solutions to meet your exact needs and ensure a seamless, positive migration experience. Providing a proven, structured approach for successfully migrating your legacy systems.

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