Comply with legislation

Regardless of where a company manufactures, assembles or sells a product, they are connected to a global supply chain. Products are increasingly subject to different regional regulatory and reporting requirements in terms of their composition. The rules are quickly changing with more information being required than a simple compliance declaration from a Tier 1 supplier.

The problem requires a supply chain solution where the information starts with the material manufacturer and is passed along to companies in the supply chain, while maintaining security and confidentiality. HP has developed the Compliance Data Exchange (CDX) to globally collect material and substance data through supply chains in different industries to assist companies in complying with various reporting requirements.


What is in your product?

In today's increasingly complex world, every industry is faced with challenges to comply with environmental legislation where their product is made or sold. Most of these directives require companies to have knowledge about what is in their product, down to the substance level. Missing information or inadequate reporting may result in a ban from the market or legal prosecution.

The company that produces the final product may be far removed from the companies that produce the basic materials in the product. The process of gathering data, as well as keeping it safe and uniform throughout the product's lifecycle, involves the entire supply chain and requires a global approach. The data gathering process is lengthy and time-consuming, especially when no standardized data, tools and processes are used.


CDX enables compliance for the manufacturing industry

CDX helps manufacturers create, receive and evaluate information from upstream suppliers that is necessary for the creation, reporting and maintenance of compliance data in order to comply with international regulations related to hazardous materials management and content reporting. With CDX, manufacturers are assured their compliance data management is:

  • economically highly efficient
  • secure
  • traceable to versions and drawing data
  • real time
  • aggregated

Global environmental legislation and reporting

Environmental laws are affecting a growing number of companies in various industries. The number of laws and substances that should be declared is expected to increase in the future. A few of the laws and related industries are depicted here.

Distributed information

The material information required for compliance reporting is distributed throughout the supply chain. It can be a tremendous challenge to collect and aggregate the information at the final product level. This challenge exists in all industries. However, analysis and reporting must be tailored by industry to comply with industry-specific laws.

Find out how HP can help your industry gather information for your compliance reporting.


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