It takes a journey to succeed.

Government CIOs and IT leaders try to create technology environments that enable their organizations to meet mission objectives. But many find themselves in “innovation gridlock.” IT can’t meet new mission objectives and policy mandates, because most funding is used just to operate the current environment.

With an HP Government Transformation Experience Workshop, you can:

  • Build consensus among key stakeholders
  • Cut spending by learning where and how to be more efficient
  • Meet ever-changing security and policy mandates

During the workshop we collaboratively explore your current-state application environment, discuss strategies to develop successful outcomes and produce a high-level modernization roadmap. Facilitated by experienced HP applications consultants, this four- to six-hour session builds consensus among your team through joint exploration of various transformation options.

You’ll come away from the workshop with a customized plan to begin the journey. It will outline a path for the future. And it will contain recommendations to make applications more agile, elastic, service-oriented and less costly to develop, operate, and maintain. Take the first step on a modernization journey today.

Can you afford NOT to start this journey?

Most of our government clients are seeing their costs increase year after year. With dwindling budgets, it is getting harder and riskier to make changes. And legacy application knowledge is disappearing as workers retire.

For many, maintenance costs are overtaking all available IT budget. Over time, the cost of doing nothing will keep getting higher and will completely handcuff your organization.



Application Transformation Experience Video

Application Transformation Experience Video

X-ray your applications using visual intelligence

X-ray your applications using visual intelligence