The cybersecurity partner you can count on

Defense and intelligence organizations need the freedom and confidence to perform the full spectrum of operations within cyberspace. Choose a partner that understands cyberspace security and has led the development of this domain from its inception.

HP Cybersecurity Services for Defense protects IT networks, computers, programs, and data from attacks, damage or unauthorized access. We bring together HP expertise, processes and technologies to assess, design, build and operate cybersecurity services.

Using the comprehensive HP cybersecurity framework, we assess the current state of your security. Then we work with you to create an action plan that focuses on your specific needs. We highlight the roles played by people, processes, and technology in adapting to and countering cyber threats. We help you improve cyber situational awareness. That makes you better prepared to detect and respond to attacks and enhances the security of your mission and overall organization.

Meet the cybersecurity threat by utilizing people, processes and technology

Defense and intelligence organizations must have the freedom and confidence to operate securely in a world where the growth of information – and our dependence upon it - is exponential and proving increasingly attractive to a wide range of threats.

Cyber threats are increasing in:

  • Volume—The number of threats is growing.
  • Variety—The types of attacks and technology used is expanding.
  • Velocity—The speed at which penetrations can occur and threats can evolve is escalating.
  • Voracity—Attackers are more tenacious and persistent than ever. They are increasingly sophisticated, and they apply increasing levels of resources.

To secure cyberspace, organizations must be proactive and persistent in making use of people, processes and technologies. It’s the combination of all three that enables a pre-emptive response and an effective defense against an ever-increasingly intelligent threat.

Applying the HP Cybersecurity Framework
As the current cyberspace domain has changed the way we operate, it has also changed the nature of what it means to be a defense systems integrator. In this environment, information flow, management, and security come to the forefront over material strength, lethality, and geographic range. Today’s defense system integrator requires exquisite knowledge of the components that comprise the cyber domain. HP has been a leader in development of this domain from its very inception. We are the largest technology company in the world and we are a cyber systems integrator.

HP Cybersecurity Services for Defense brings solutions from our comprehensive portfolio of cybersecurity services and technologies.

Why HP for cybersecurity solutions?
HP is one of the leading provider of cybersecurity solutions for defense and intelligence organizations. Here’s why:

  • Experience — We deliver two of the largest and most secure defense infrastructure programs in the world—the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps Intranet (NMCI) and the UK Defence Information Infrastructure.
  • Certification — Key technologies included in our HP Security Intelligence Framework are certified for use on defense and government networks.
  • Innovation — The HP Trusted Systems Laboratory and our suite of cybersecurity solutions enables us to keep pace with emerging threats.