Anticipate, protect, manage and respond

Citizens expect instant connection to their government through technology that provides easy access to information and services. But more than anything, they expect governments to protect their interests. HP National Security Solutions help you achieve that, helping governments at all levels protect citizens, facilities and information systems from those who would do them harm.

HP understands the full spectrum of the critical responsibilities Intel and Homeland Security agencies maintain, and the mission of those who serve. Our role is to be your trusted advisor and partner providing the managed services and solutions to help you securely operate with greater efficiency, reduced risk and no disruption of service.

Working alongside the Intelligence Community and components of the Department of Homeland Security, HP helps to secure data, applications, networks and end-user devices, identifying vulnerabilities and detecting attempted intrusions. Our solutions help you analyze risks and establish security procedures that enable you to respond quickly and correctly to threats. And since threats aren’t only external, our identity management solutions help you verify that only authorized users access computer systems and physical facilities—you can even create virtual operations centers when a quick, coordinated response to attacks or natural disasters is required.

HP National Security Solutions

Our technology, along with third-party solutions and in-house expertise, are built to specifically focus on the country’s security interests. We work with governments to analyze their unique needs and objectives, designing and implementing tailored solutions that work. Consult with us and let us train your personnel to improve operations and administrative processes that affect your security posture. We work directly and seamlessly with organizations to help provide managed solutions that deliver results.

We create network and computer security technology that improves your cybersecurity framework. Our expertise in secure data processing and security operations delivers identity management solutions compliant with Homeland Security Presidential Directive-12 (HSPD-12) and Federal Information Processing Standard (FIPS) 201. And our experience in creating secure information-sharing systems enables interagency command and control operations and collaboration so that organizations can work together and respond quickly to threats.

Why HP?

Expertise is not just about scale. It’s about the depth and longevity in innovation and service excellence. And it’s about delivering technology that exceeds your expectations by people with the skills necessary to create solutions that work for each client. The benefits you receive include a work environment that is more secure, agile and responsive to its citizens and workforce. In fact, we have decades of proven experience transitioning and performing on programs of size, scope and complexity similar to that of governments at all levels, with seamless delivery of mission-critical services and managed IT infrastructures.

As the world’s largest provider of identity management smart card solutions for the U.S. government, more than 2,000 HP security professionals and 150 consultants leverage our breadth of experience in providing enterprise-managed IT to the Intelligence Community and more than 10 years of experience in federal biometric and card-based access control systems. We are managing and securing 380,000 servers, three million desktops and 81 leveraged data centers worldwide, along with 5.4 million desktops, 43 million common access cards, 6,000+ firewalls, 3,000+ intrusion detections systems and 10 million networked sensors.