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Jobs at HP - Netherlands
Withdrawing cash from an ATM, sending text messages, making a call from your landline or trading shares at the Amsterdam Stock Exchange – these are just a few examples of transactions that are processed by HP computer systems. You may not realise it, but if you look closer you’ll find that everyone is an HP user – and that includes you.

The power of new ideas
HP is the largest IT company in the world, a fact of which we’re obviously very proud. But we didn’t achieve that position by sheer luck, for our mission is highly ambitious: Uncomplicated use of technology for all organisations and all consumers. This explains why the employees in all of HP’s divisions have a firm belief in the power of new ideas. This is reflected in the figures: with approximately 2,400 employees at our various locations, our turnover in the Netherlands in 2007 was USD 2 billion*.

* According to figures IDC

A unique employer
But that’s not all – we also do everything we can to be a unique employer, such as offering you challenging work in a wide range of professional areas. Our international company culture is one of innovation, team spirit and enthusiasm. And against this background of virtually unlimited career opportunities, we encourage you to keep growing and developing. When it comes to training and education, there are few companies that can compete with us, and the same is true for the employment benefits we offer. So, are you a person with great ideas? Applying for a job at HP is a good first step to prove this.

HP locations in Netherlands
1. Amersfoort
2. Amstelveen
3. Maastricht
4. Nijmegen
5. Utrecht