Looking to get much more out of your virtualized environment?

Transform your server’s internal or direct-attached storage into a fully featured shared storage array—without the cost and complexity associated with dedicated storage.

Try it today. Free 1 TB StoreVirtual VSA

Optimized for VMware vSphere and Microsoft Hyper-V environments, StoreVirtual VSA creates a virtual array within your application server and scales as storage needs evolve. Scale-out architecture and high-availability features let you add capacity on the fly without compromising performance. Manage it all with a straightforward and simple management console.

What’s new?

For VMware: New deployment capabilities for VSA within vCenter plug-in. Gain visibility into system health and performance with vCOPS support.

For OpenStack: Enhanced Cinder driver in Icehouse release and new REST API capabilities improve management.

Reduce what you use

See what you gain with StoreVirtual VSA

To learn more, read the data sheet: HP StoreVirtual VSA Software data sheet (PDF 1.57 MB)

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Enjoy all the benefits of traditional SAN storage right in your server infrastructure.
Shared storage is created out of internal or external disk capacity and is accessible to all virtual and physical application servers on the network.

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Grow capacity and performance online as needed with scale-out storage architecture. 
Gain mobility with seamless migration of data across different tiers of storage, office locations or to any physical StoreVirtual array.

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Create availability zones within your environment across racks, rooms, building and cities. 
You get seamless application high availability with transparent failover and failback across zones automatically.

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Tightly integrate with storage management functions of VMware and Microsoft applications.
Count on faster recovery thanks to centralized backup and disaster recovery on a per-volume basis with application-integrated snapshots.

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Deliver enterprise storage features without a SAN.
With tens of thousands of systems deployed, HP StoreVirtual VSA is the solution trusted by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses alike to do just that.

Learn more: Around the Storage Block: Blogs, podcasts, videos on HP StoreVirtual VSA

Who can benefit from HP StoreVirtual VSA?

From small companies with growing data to large enterprises with remote and branch offices, your business can count on StoreVirtual VSA. This affordable software-defined storage solution provides you with flexible deployment choices spanning virtualized VMware and Microsoft Hyper-V environments.

To gain more insights, read the analyst report:
The Contemporary Value of Virtual Storage Appliances (PDF 651.14 KB)

Small and midsize businessesService providersEnterprises
Reduce complexity and cost by co-locating virtualized applications and shared storage.Deliver new cloud and managed services by pairing StoreVirtual VSA with modular building blocks.Centralize operations and improve resiliency by replicating data from virtualized remote offices into large enterprise data centers.

Why choose HP StoreVirtual VSA Storage?

  • Agile—Create an instant Converged Infrastructure with flexibility and data mobility
  • Efficient—Lower annual data center and remote office costs
  • Scalable—Grow on demand to meet new virtualization challenges
  • Highly Available—Support all users with superior data high availability even in remote and branch offices


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3Based on HP internal comparative analysis of publicly available data from major competitors, June 2013.

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