ArcSight solutions by industry

ArcSight provides actionable security analytics and cost-effective compliance solutions to customers across multiple industries. With ArcSight, you can customize your deployment to meet the specific requirements of your business and industry.

sw | blue icon | finance compensation

Financial Services

  • Monitor confidential data access, like client information, earnings data or trading details
  • Detect online fraud by identifying usual account behavior and ip reputation information
  • Monitor and track privileged users to identify anomalous or high risk behavior

sw | blue icon | intelligent print management

Public Sector

  • Manage insider risk by cross correlating data value with who accessed it and how it was accessed
  • Protect critical infrastructure through constant monitoring for anomalous behavior and unauthorized access
  • Monitor users accessing information outside their role and correlating against their other actions to highlight possible risks

sw | blue icon | government health


  • Automated compliance solutions for HIPPA, PCI and state privacy laws
  • Track unauthorized access to patient files and correlate with actions to identify potential risks
  • Monitor claims process infrastructure for malware or exploits to protect transactions and avoid interruptions to service

sw | blue icon | gears


  • Automated compliance solutions for NERC CIP 002-009, PCI and SOX
  • Monitor remote access by contractors or vendors for unauthorized access to critical information and systems
  • Identify potential exploits against SCADA and SmartGrid infrastructure

sw | blue icon | cash


  • Automated compliance solutions for PCI
  • Identify unusual user access to customer information or discrepancies in transactional activities, such as item returns
  • Keep critical infrastructure available by monitoring for potential directed attacks against web properties