Many carriers—one common view

For large multi-national companies, the challenge of dealing with a myriad of telecommunications carriers is daunting. Each has its own contracts, billing system and service-level agreement (SLA) reporting. When you experience performance problems, discover billing errors or must start or stop services, each has its own process. And because your needs are diverse, you must spread your business among several, losing leverage with each.

Through HP Carrier Management Services, we take on the task of working with all your carriers. We help you negotiate the best terms and rates. We keep a central record of your service inventory. We take diverse invoices and reports and forward them to you in a common format. We analyze them to spot billing errors and performance problems. And we work with each carrier to resolve them.

In short, we put our carrier experience and leverage to work for you. That drives down your acquisition cost for services and reduces your ongoing expenses.

Put our experts to work for you

Telecommunications services are one of the largest line items in many IT budgets. There are large opportunities for savings, and there are vulnerabilities to being overcharged or underserviced. But dealing effectively with telecommunications carriers requires experience and specialized knowledge. And dealing with multiple carriers compounds the problem.

We do a huge volume of business with carriers for ourselves and on behalf of our customers. As a result, we have networking professionals with the deep industry expertise you need. And we have relationships with almost 2000 carriers around the globe. Through HP Carrier Management Services we put our experts to work for you. Here is what our services provide:


Carrier Governance
Carrier governance is about getting the quality services you pay for. We analyze the reports provided by each carrier and use special tools and methodologies to assess performance. We spot recurring problems and work with the carrier to find and remove their root causes.

Since we speak the carrier’s language and understand their data, we can often get results that individual customers cannot. That means you get what you pay for. And it makes your day-to-day operations easier and more efficient.

Telecommunications Expense Management
Telecommunications expense management reduces the cost of telecom services. We receive and analyze all the invoices from each carrier. We verify that the services invoiced were delivered, and we confirm that charges are in line with your contract. On average, telecom customers are overcharged 10 to 15 percent. If so, we challenge them. We also examine service usage patterns to see if more favorable rate plans would reduce your telecom expense.

Provisioning and Inventory
Carrier Management Services provide a central point for ordering, changing and ceasing service for all your carriers. That streamlines your processes and lets you respond to business changes, consolidations and relocations quicker and easier. Because we maintain a centralized inventory of all your services with each carrier, you know what you have ordered and should be paying for.

Telecommunications Service Procurement
When it comes to negotiating contracts with telecommunications carriers, we have the leverage that individual customers may not. First, we apply our network engineering expertise to find less expensive ways to achieve your network goals. Then we go to the table carrying the purchasing power of our entire customer base to get you better pricing and terms.