A solution for network security

HP Network Security Services protects your network and the systems connected to it from attack. The security systems we provide keep unauthorized users, devices and content off the network. They detect malicious traffic and alert security managers to suspect activity. They identify and authenticate authorized users and control what they can access. And they filter web content to prevent user access to unauthorized or dangerous web sites.

The price of a security breach is high with attacks costing $7 million on average. And that doesn't include damage to brand and loss of customer confidence when corporate or customer information is compromised.

Network Security Services replaces the disparate security tools and patches that have grown up in your network with a comprehensive, effective network security infrastructure. Then we manage it for you. We keep the system up to date, we ensure that is operating, and we test its effectiveness. That means peace of mind for you, and your customers.

Put our security experts to work for you

Security is one of the fastest moving fields in IT. The security defenses in many enterprises have become a patchwork of point tools and policies. And keeping up with hackers has become a highly specialized activity.

HP Network Security Services puts our experts to work on your security problems. We analyze your network to identify vulnerabilities. We design a solution—aligned with your security policies—to make your network as secure as possible. We implement the solution. We manage and maintain it on an ongoing basis and keep it updated to protect you from new threats. Here are the services that we provide:


Managed firewall
We plan, install, configure and manage firewalls in your network.

Using equipment from best-in-class firewall providers, we place protection around the network perimeter to prevent access from external sources. In addition, we identify assets that require special protection and design a defense-in-depth solution that compartmentalizes your network. This gives you additional layers of protection for your most critical assets. And it lets you restrict access to critical information only to specified groups of internal or external users and applications.

Managed remote access
Providing secure access to a highly distributed workforce is a challenge for IT. Employees travel or work from home. Contractors and suppliers need controlled, secure access from their locations.

Through remote access services, we design, implement and manage your remote network access solution. We provide network infrastructure that lets users securely access your network from PCs, smartphones or PDAs. Users are authenticated via a two-factor id system rather than simple passwords, so you are protected even if passwords are lost or stolen.

Network access control goes farther to let you authenticate and verify the actual device from which a user seeks access. You not only assure that it is authorized, but that its virus protection or other software is functioning and up to date.

Network access control
Network Access Control minimizes the risks associated with noncompliant devices regardless of system type, ownership, or access method, resulting in more resilient and secure networks. Network Access Control (NAC) restricts user access to corporate networks based on user authentication. This is done to limit a corporate network’s exposure to computers, limiting these endpoints to just the resources that are required for specific business purposes. NAC helps customers maximize current investment while transitioning them to next generation network infrastructure while improving end-to-end performance, security and scalability.

Network intrusion prevention
Network intrusion prevention monitors your network traffic to identify and block network threats. It protects network devices and other critical infrastructure from targeted attacks and traffic anomalies. It also enables you to throttle non-mission-critical applications that hijack valuable bandwidth and IT resources.

We plan, deploy, and manage intrusion prevention devices, so they are always up to date and always working with the latest attack filters. We help you incorporate alerts into your operations and security processes, so your organization can respond quickly and effectively to threats when they occur.

Managed proxy service and web content filtering
Web proxy servers are gateways that enable your network users to securely access external web sites while shielding your systems and network addresses from exposure to the internet. They log activity to enable reporting on internet usage. And they improve performance for web users by storing frequently requested web pages locally and providing them quickly when requested.

Web content filtering extends the functionality of web proxy servers to block access to unauthorized or inappropriate web content. This prevents unauthorized traffic from degrading network service for valid business uses. And it helps your company comply with policies concerning appropriate computer and network use.

We plan, implement and manage proxy servers and web content filtering. That provides security for your network and offers the quick, seamless access to the web that your users need and expect.