Turn insights into action

With HP Actionable Analytics Services, you get comprehensive end-to-end solutions to help you make informed, actionable decisions about your business, based on your data. HP Actionable Analytics Services provides focused services that help expose the underlying business issue that can be linked to a specific, logical output action. We offer deep industry insight and advanced algorithmic models to provide you with new predictive insights and pragmatic business solutions.

Key Benefits

  • Attain a structured set of activities that will generate organization-wide actionable insights aligned to your overall business strategy
  • Get pragmatic business solutions with direct, immediate financial impact
  • Connect information sources and unlock the opportunities within to increase productivity, better understand and satisfy your customers, and grow revenue

HP Actionable Analytic Services

Customer Analytics Services

HP Customer Analytics Services can help you connect information sources to facilitate precise and confident business decisions. We combine strategic business consulting, systems integration, and management services to deliver solutions that help organizations better attract, understand and retain profitable customers.

Connect information, expose hidden insights and take action – Brochure PDF 1.8 MB

Interactive Media Command Center Solution

HP Interactive Media Command Center (IMCC) is a business-first approach to harnessing social, digital, traditional, and transactional data to help companies increase customer engagement. HP IMCC provides expert approaches to real-time analytics enabling you to drive measurement and insights from numerous forms of data to increase customer satisfaction, spot trends, and establish yourself as a leader in the “always-on”, social media influenced marketplace.

Foresight Situational Awareness Solution

HP Foresight Situational Awareness Solution provides decision support through secure access to real-time mission critical information. By mining data, both internal and external, the solution transforms disparate data into actionable information to not only improve situational awareness, but to also help manage and respond to critical events as they occur. The solution delivers a flexible, real-world capability that empowers those responsible for maintaining vigilance, planning, and execution to analyze disparate information – including social media – and rapidly share information across organizational boundaries.

HP Foresight Situational Awareness Solution - Brochure PDF 2.27 MB

Supply Chain Analytics Services

HP Supply Chain Analytics Services deliver the advanced analytics clients need to determine when to buy goods and how much to buy - prior to entry into the supply chain - and how to optimize procurement spend, cost of goods sold (COGS) and “inventory turnover days”. Experienced data scientists provide analysis and systemic recommendations across inventory operations, distribution operations and contract management. Through our analytics approach, we help clients evaluate supply and demand requisites, minimize inventory and optimize lead times. Our recommendations identify areas where clients can improve profitability, compliance, and seek new areas of cost-savings.

HP Procurement Optimization Services (PDF 698 KB)
HP Inventory Optimization Services (PDF 688 KB)

Field Force Optimization Services

HP Field Force Optimization Services provides a structured set of activities, including consulting services, to determine the current state of your business field force operation and understand its challenges. You can increase ROI on field sales and services, as well as enhance operational efficiencies.

HP Field Force Optimization Services (PDF 1.03 MB)