Respond effectively when breaches happen

Every security leader knows that security breakdowns happen, even with the best practices and processes in place. A breach will happen, especially as we extend IT to support open information sharing. The difference lies in your response – having a better, faster, and more effective approach to identifying issues, fixing problems, and planning for future attacks.

A big challenge is that there aren’t always warning bells: incidents can go unnoticed for months, maximizing the possibility of significant reputation, financial, and compliance problems.

HP can help you establish the processes and procedures for an optimal end-to-end approach to breach management. Whether you’ve had a breach or want to create an effective response capability, we rapidly deploy a highly skilled and experienced cyber security team and our progressive technology to your enterprise. We’ll collaborate with you to establish visibility, remediate issues, and put tactics into place that guard against future incidents.

We provide full lifecycle solutions that let you confidently implement forward-thinking ideas and get better results. You’ll also move beyond risk reduction and compliance to plans that enable your enterprise to achieve more, exceed expectations, and embrace innovative technology.


Be prepared with the right strategy and solution

Forensic Readiness

Create a proactive plan to identify valid changes within your IT environment through our specialized consulting and assessment services. We’ll help you trace a forensic trail and produce the best possible digital evidence in the event of a security incident, diminishing disruption and cost to the business.

Managed SIEM

This designed, built, and managed system will collect and correlate masses of information and transform it into comprehensive dashboard displays and management reports, and actionable alerts. These services help you detect fraud, expose internal and external threats, and spotlight weaknesses in security enforcement.

Security Incident and Breach Response

Expert monitoring is always available 24x7x365, providing detection and countermeasures through rapid, predetermined incident response. In the event of a breach, we dispatch a team of security experts to your location for immediate breach containment plus assessment, investigation, and recommendations to reduce future vulnerability. HP can send this team as a one-time activity or as part of a regular service based on retainer/contracted hours.


Following an incident, you’ll need accurate data capture, logging, and audit trail reporting for use in legal and regulatory investigations. Our specialists, many of whom have experience in law enforcement, will help you through this collection process.

Data Recovery

One of the most challenging parts of a breach is data recovery. Mitigate data loss or deletion consequences by designing and implementing processes for backup and recovery. Our experienced security services teams are on call 24x7 to act as your virtual team or as an extension to your team to get you back in business.

Threat and Vulnerability Management

IT vulnerabilities can be costly in terms of lost intellectual property, fines, and remediation costs—not to mention the potential reputational damage. HP Vulnerability Management provides regular security assessments, including penetration testing, to enhance security levels. We help you accurately identify security strengths, weaknesses and common configuration faults, and then we recommend appropriate remediation measures.