Solutions to transform manufacturing

In manufacturing, we know that challenges are constant. Markets shift. Technologies evolve. Competition escalates. More than ever, you must be lean, innovative and agile.

At HP, we have more than 30 years of first-hand experience, working with manufacturers to drive transformation, innovation and growth.

With more than 20,000 employees dedicated to serving manufacturers, HP provides targeted solutions to drive IT optimization and improved performance in manufacturing processes – moving enterprises from traditional IT to the New Style of IT.

We help clients create supply chain efficiencies, improve time-to-market, increase quality, and efficiently manage dispersed, global manufacturing enterprises.

Aerospace and Defense

New challenges are emerging that are forcing Aerospace and Defense companies to re-invent themselves. At HP, we help our clients overcome complexities and navigate new opportunities by providing targeted solutions to bring new, dynamic services and capabilities that fully leverage innovation, collaboration and technology shifts.


The automotive industry is undergoing core changes that include shifting consumer priorities, expanding supplier networks, and an increased focus on new partners, non-traditional competitors, environmental impacts, and driver assistance. HP is a trusted partner to automotive OEMs, suppliers, and dealer groups. For almost half a century, we have been deeply embedded in the automotive ecosystem - offering a solid understanding of the complete manufacturing and distribution value chain.

By partnering with HP, automotive companies can navigate business challenges and improve collaboration with their suppliers, dealers and partners. From enabling new business processes, to improving operational agility, driving strategic data-driven insight, enhancing security and reducing risk, HP provides end-to-end technology solutions that help automakers harness the New Style of IT.

High Tech

The manufacturing industry is in the midst of a renaissance. One in which efficiency, innovation, security, and customer engagement are increasingly important. Mobility, social media, cloud, and big data are driving this renaissance. Let HP help you harness the power of the New Style of IT with solutions that support collaboration and unleash innovation. Together we can drive growth, reduce risk, and build stronger customer and supplier relationships.


Manufacturing Solutions

Product Lifecycle Management

To drive innovation across your global design and engineering organization, you need collaborative solutions that reduce the time, cost and complexity of product development. That is where we can help. Working with global industry leaders, we deliver solutions that enable innovation and shorten time-to-market while improving efficiency and productivity. We can help you quickly and cost-effectively derive the most value from the knowledge that resides throughout your extended ecosystem.

Manufacturing Execution Systems

Gain real-time visibility, control and synchronization that enable fact-based decision making, accelerated application of new functional and process requirements, better coordination and governance, measurable operational benefits, leaner ERP and increased plant floor agility.



Engineering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure speeds innovation

Engineering Virtual Desktop Infrastructure speeds innovation

Resilient Supply Chain

Resilient Supply Chain

Case Studies

Rockwell Collins looks to HP to help address its challenges

Rockwell Collins looks to HP to help address its challenges