A more efficient workplace—anyplace.

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) isn’t just a notion anymore. It’s a reality. Which adds to the challenges you face every day. HP can help. Download the Client Virtualization for Dummies, which looks at innovative ways to turn this new challenge into a business opportunity.

Virtualize IT. Maximize everything else.

Download The Aberdeen Group eBook, Why Every C-level Manager Should Care About Virtualization to see how top performing companies are reaping financial benefits and what virtualization can mean for you.

The datacenter isn't a cost center anymore - it's a business partner.

Accelerate value

Virtualization value is within your reach. Quickly and safely move beyond server virtualization by creating a ‘multiplier effect’ across servers, storage, network, clients, and management with the most comprehensive virtualization portfolio in the industry.

Protect investments

Be prepared. Is your IT ready for the world of mobility, Big Data and cloud? Safeguard your company’s information and secure your livelihood in the process through creating a change-ready virtualized IT environment now.

Transform IT

Virtualization beyond the hardware. It's something overlooked but vitally important—your virtualization strategy needs to look beyond the infrastructure. Transform your IT organization by turning virtualization into a strategic business advantage through evaluating your people, processes, and policies.


Not sure what you are looking for? To get started, educate yourself more by checking out our library of virtualization assets. Included are case studies, industry and HP white papers, videos, demos and more. Tailored specifically for virtualization, you are sure to learn something new.


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Are you ready for the next phase of virtualization

To effectively capitalize in this new mobile, social, data-intensive, and cloud-enabled world requires a different approach to virtualization – a more business-aligned and holistic approach. Watch this short video to start preparing.

Are you ready for the next phase of virtualization?


Free training: optimize your network designs for a virtualized data center

Would you like to explore how networking can be architected to realize the full benefits of a virtualized data center? If so, please take advantage of this exclusive on-demand technical training course.

The ecosystem of successful virtualization.

Whether you are new to virtualization or an old pro, HP's innovative virtualization technologies throughout your ecosystem—servers, storage, networking, management, client and services—can get you there faster. And our proactive integration and certification programs with industry leading virtualization software vendors simplifies your implementation.

HP Client Virtualization for Citrix® XenDesktop®HP Client Virtualization for Citrix® XenDesktop®
HP VirtualSystem for Microsoft®HP VirtualSystem for Microsoft®
HP ConvergedSystems for VirtualizationHP ConvergedSystems for Virtualization
HP Client Virtualization for VMware View™HP Client Virtualization for VMware View™
HP CloudSystem optimized for VMware®HP CloudSystem optimized for VMware®
HP Virtualization Solutions for Mission-CriticalHP Virtualization Solutions for Mission-Critical
Industry Standard ServersIndustry Standard Servers
Converged StorageConverged Storage
FlexNetwork ArchitectureFlexNetwork Architecture
Mission-Critical ServersMission-Critical Servers
Technology ServicesTechnology Services
Enterprise ServicesEnterprise Services
Financial ServicesFinancial Services
Asset Recovery Services (ARS)Asset Recovery Services (ARS)


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Experience HP Discover 2013 online and on demand. Plan ahead for Discover 2014 in Las Vegas, June 10-12. See it now

Know your virtualization security risks.

Specific security measures must be undertaken to protect your virtual infrastructure against threats. You need to know what to look for, the right architecture, the right tools, and visibility into all aspects of your virtual environment. IDG reveals the top questions you need to answer in order to minimize your vulnerabilities.

Stay ahead of the security curve.

Virtualization security is lagging behind virtualization adoption levels for many organizations. Fortunately, there are proven best practices to help you assess the security of all your virtualization layers. In this infographic, the Enterprise Strategy Group explains how to recognize and address your organizational, process, and technology weaknesses and recommends ways to reduce risks. Want more?

Watch the companion video.

Ready for the Cloud?

Ready to make your move to the cloud? By delivering the only truly integrated approach to cloud computing, HP helps you leverage its advantages while avoiding the risks. HP CloudSystem simplifies cloud adoption so you can deploy new services in minutes.

What will you do with your cloud today?

Security solutions

Data systems protection, backup, and recovery have become paramount in the virtualized world, and in your world, too. Which means your applications require fast, reliable, and efficient backup and recovery. Learn more about specific HP technologies geared directly to ensuring your IT is secure.

Industry Standard ServersIndustry Standard Servers
Data ProtectionData Protection

With HP backup and recovery solutions, you get simple, cost effective and easy to manage data protection solutions for any environment.

With HP StoreOnce Backup get data protection and keep up with expanding data storage and backup needs across multiple platforms at competitive backup rates.

Network Security SolutionsNetwork Security Solutions

Next Generation Network Security for Physical, Virtual and Cloud Networks powered by HPTippingPoint X-Armour

Technology ServicesTechnology Services

Learn how to control your complex IT infrastructure through consulting, education, implementation and support services offered through HP Virtualization Services.

With Care Support Services, you achieve and maintain optimum performance of your technology systems though IT innovation and operations challenges.


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Experience HP Discover 2013 online and on demand. Plan ahead for Discover 2014 in Las Vegas, June 10-12. See it now

Six solutions to increase Datacenter Efficiencies.

Your environment is dynamic. And with constant pressure to assess and recalibrate your operations, how can you increase efficiencies and sustain effectiveness? HP works with customers regularly and several key data center challenges surface again and again. Read this whitepaper to see how you can conquer them. In addition, it provides special insights from others who have solved these very problems.

Solve the challenges that impact costs, performance
and growth.

IT resolutions made possible.

It's the beginning of 2013 - the perfect time to make New Year's Resolutions. Lose weight, make more money, get organized, reduce  stress and fall in love -  sound familiar?  Imagine taking these and applying to your IT with HP Financial Services.  We can help you to keep your commitments.

An alternative to traditional desktop computing.

Looking for faster, more secure provisioning of end-user applications? Your employees will securely access Applications and Virtual Desktops on their PCs, tablets or laptops from a secure, centralized data center – yours or ours - via your own secure Intranet or via the Internet.  Start delivering your business applications to your users anytime, anywhere on any device.


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Case studyCase study

Supporting its VDI environment was one of the primary reasons for Jupiter to consider blade technology.

Using HP Client Virtualization and VMware View, Kettering reclaimed 62,500 hours a year for patient care.

Solutions briefsSolutions briefs

Whitepapers - 3rd partyWhitepapers - 3rd party
Whitepapers - HPWhitepapers - HP

HP SMART kampanjetilbud

Visste du at:
  • Innbytte av utrangert IT-utstyr kan gi deg over kr  100 000.- mer i investeringsbudsjett?
  • Du kan få 10 000.- i innbytte pr. server ved kjøp av en virtualiseringsløsning.
  • Du kan få Blade Infrastruktur med på kjøpet ved kjøp av et par bladeservere?

Vi ønsker å få høre om ditt IT-prosjekt og hvordan vi kan hjelpe deg å gjennomføre et konsolidering eller virtualiseringsprosjekt. Enten det er serverkonsolidering, nytt SAN, nettverk eller noe helt annet.
Vi har satt opp flere svært gunstige tilbud  på produkter og løsninger. I tillegg kan vi kjøpe tilbake utstyr som du ikke har bruk for lengre.

For flere detaljer rundt tilbudene, vennligst klikk på linken og registrer din interesse.

Nedenfor kan du lese mer om våre kampanjetilbud.

HP Smart Bundles for Vmware eller for Microsoft Hyper-V

HPSmart Bundler inneholder alt du trenger for å starte med virtualisering. Alt fra Hypervisor til HP ProLiant servere, HP Insight software, HP lagring og HP Nettverk. Kombinert med HP StoreVirtual VSA software kan du virkelig realisere fordelene med en virtualisert løsning.  

"Nå får du kr 10 000.- pr server innbytte ved kjøp av en slik bundel."

HP BladeSystem Starterkit

Gartner har plassert HP helt øverst til høyre i sin ”Magic Quadrant” matrise som den mest visjonære innen blade serverteknologi. HP BladeSystem med Virtual Connect er hjertet i en Converged Infrastruktur og en ideel plattform for virtualisering, konsolidering, IAAS eller for etablering av cloud tjenester.

Nå kan du få et BladeSystem  på kjøpet ved  kjøp av et par bladeservere. Ca 70% rabatt!

HP Golden Offer server bundler

Golden Offer server bundler er ferdige konfigurerte servere med opsjoner. Trenger du påfyll av nye servere er det mye å spare på å gå for disse ferdige pakkene. 
Velg mellom  DL320, DL380, ML310e eller ML350. 

Ta fordel av volum modeller med opp til 27% avslag i prisen

HP StoreVirtual Starterkit

Avansert lagringssystem  med egenskaper som  RAID over flere systemer og synkron fjernspeiling som gir markedets rimeligste multi-site løsning.   Starterkit bestående av 2 noder og kan enkelt utvides ved behov.
Multi-site løsning som er designet for virtualisering for under kr 100  000.-

HP StoreServ 7200 Starterkit

Lagring er gjort enkelt med HP 3PAR StoreServ 7000. Klar til bruk på minutter,  rekonfigurerbar på sekunder med samme effektivitet og funksjonalitet som i de største
HP 3PAR systemene. Med StoreServ 7000 kan alle få et komplett lagringssystem i riktig størrelse, til riktig pris.
Garantert 50% mer effektiv


Sørg for at du får en enkel og miljøhensiktsmessig avhending av gammelt utstyr, samtidig som du kan øke investeringsbudsjettet vesentlig. Innbytte av servere, lagring og nettverk kan i mange tilfeller gi over 100 000.- i innbytte.
Vi hjelper deg gjerne med et uforpliktende tilbud på tilbakekjøp.