Deduplicate anywhere. Replicate everywhere.

From ROBO to enterprise, protect your expanding data with HP StoreOnce, the fastest backup on the market. New federated innovations simplify protection as you grow and provide flat backup directly from 3PAR StoreServ.

Get faster backup now.

Get faster backup now


Eliminate the boundaries of traditional backup and archive.

The world is changing. Are you adapting? Major computing shifts mandate a new approach to backup and archive. HP’s visionary approach can help you establish a path to a fully converged backup, recovery and archive infrastructure. You get industry-leading scale and performance—plus new security enhancements and integration with major software providers.

How would you rate your data protection? Excellent? Moderate? Not enough? Data protection needs are growing exponentially. Tier-1 storage protection, no matter how solid, is not enough today to cover all the possibilities. HP’s answer is to bring primary and backup storage closer together with a single data protection architecture that offers flexible options covering a wide spectrum of recovery scenarios.

Converged data protection with HP StoreOnce Recovery Manager Central
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ESG: ‘Multiple Data Protection Solutions’ Does Not Have to Mean ‘Multiple Vendors’
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ESG: Archive Plus Backup, Disk Plus Tape
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Backup, Recovery and Archive Technologies

Federated deduplication that defies limits. So you can get back up and running faster when you need to recover.

HP Data Deduplication Innovations
Storage for the Software-Defined Data Center


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