HP is the worldwide leader1 in tape drives, media and automation. HP StoreEver Tape addresses all your long-term retention needs with tape media, standalone tape drives and tape libraries that accommodate more than 75 PB2 in a single system.

HP StoreEver wins customer vote (PDF, 1.49 KB)

What’s new?

HP StoreEver MSL 6480 Tape Library
Setting a new standard for mid-range tape automation, the HP StoreEver MSL6480 tape library delivers best in class scalability, storage density and performance with unrivalled simplicity, manageability and ROI.

What are you looking for?

High density data protection and retention – up to 75 PB
storeever-esl-g3 | 220x160

Looking to meet your enterprise data protection and retention challenges head-on? HP ESL G3 Tape Libraries deliver a powerful combination of scalability, availability, security and manageability.

Our solution: 

HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Libraries 

HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Library data sheet (PDF, 1.3 MB)

Scalable data protection and retention – up to 3.5 PB
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Do you need a way to address the data protection and retention needs of your entry level or mid-range storage environment? HP StoreEver MSL Libraries allow you to grow effortlessly, save time, save money and reduce risk.

Our solution:

HP StoreEver MSL 2024 and StoreEver MSL 4048 Tape Libraries 

HP StoreEver MSL6480 Tape Libraries 

HP StoreEver MSL Tape Libraries data sheet (PDF, 299 KB)

Cost-effective data protection and retention – up to 50 TB
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Meeting the data protection and retention needs of entry-level or remote office environments, the HP StoreEver 1/8 G2 Tape Autoloader provides cost-effective, easy-to-install, unattended automated tape storage in a compact 1U form factor.

Our solution: 

HP StoreEver Tape Autoloader

HP StoreEver Tape Autoloader data sheet (PDF, 156 KB)

Easy and affordable data protection and retention – up to 6.25 TB
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The entry point for the HP StoreEver Tape family, HP StoreEver Tape Drives, sets new standards for capacity, performance, security, usability and manageability for SMB and single server environments.

Our solution: 

HP StoreEver Tape Drives

HP StoreEver Tape Drives data sheet (PDF, 596 KB)

Storage media – up to 6.25TB
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Confident that you can always restore your data? HP Storage Media combines innovative design and manufacture with extreme reliability testing to ensure that you can.

Our solution: 

HP Storage Media

HP Storage Media brochure (PDF, 643 KB)

Simply StoreIT: storage solutions for small and midsize business

Whether your company is in start-up mode or evolving an established IT infrastructure, get storage solutions to support every stage of your growing business.

Our solution:

HP SimplyStoreIT

HP Storage solutions are easy to manage, affordable to own and reliable to operate.
Including solutions for:
Backup and Recovery

Why choose HP StoreEver Tape?

  • Save money—Significant cost, energy and footprint advantages

  • Grow effortlessly—Non-disruptive scale-out performance and capacity

  • Save time—Easy to deploy, use, scale, manage and service

  • Reduce risk—Powerful manageability, reliability and security



HP Command View for Tape Libraries

Simply and quickly access and manage every HP library in your environment—from a single web-based pane of glass—wherever you are in the world.

HP StoreEver Tape Assure

Proactively and predictively monitor the performance, health and utilization of every tape cartridge-drive and library in your infrastructure.

HP StoreEver Data Verification

Enable the integrity and accessibility of business-critical data stored on tape media throughout its lifecycle.

Protect your archive data - solution brief (PDF, 633 KB)
Protecting your data - business white paper (PDF, 1.56 MB)

HP StoreOpen for LTFS

Simplify how you access, manage and share data on tape with drag-and-drop file management.

The value of HP StoreOpen with LTFS video (3:42)

HP StoreEver ESLG3 Tape Library preserves business-critical assets at DreamWorks Animation

“The HP StoreEver ESL G3 Tape Library is ideally suited to our long-term asset preservation strategy. The library currently preserves 2PB of business-critical assets and this volume will continue to grow. We couldn’t make movies without the help of HP technologies.”
– Scott Miller, Senior Technologist, DreamWorks Animation

Read the DreamWorks Animation case study (PDF, 777 KB)

Key StoreEver Solutions

Data Protector

Adaptive backup and recovery for the enterprise
Data is evolving daily, challenging even the most robust environments. Data Protector software improves business continuity and resiliency while optimizing backup, boosting uptime within your IT environment.

HP StoreEver Tape Libraries with HP Data Protector (PDF, 357 KB)

Microsoft Exchange

Efficient backup software provides peace of mind
Information stored in your Exchange environment is critical to your business. HP backup solutions combine tape and disk technologies with efficient backup software to provide a unified and automated backup and recovery.

Microsoft Exchange 2010 Data Protection with HP Storage for Small and Midsize Businesses (PDF, 2 MB)
Protect Messaging (PDF, 2.27 MB)
Microsoft Exchange data protection for small to medium businesses video (7:08)

QStar Technologies

Tape-as-NAS archive delivers availability, accessibility, low costs
HP and QStar deliver tape-as-NAS-archive that combines the availability and accessibility of NAS with the low operating cost and long retention times of tape.

Designing and using tape tape-as-NAS data archive (PDF, 369 KB)

CommVault Systems

Address cost and performance in a multi-tiered archiving solution
HP StoreEver, StoreAll and CommVault Simpana deliver a multi-tiered tape and disk archiving solution that enables you to address your cost and performance needs successfully.

HP StoreEver Tape Libraries with CommVault Simpana


Comprehensive data protection in a complete solution
HP StoreEver Tape systems integrate easily with Symantec NetBackup and are a critical component for comprehensive data protection and archiving of mission-critical applications.

HP StoreEver Tape Libraries with Symantec NetBackup


Modern data protection for virtualized environments
Veeam 7 enables users to copy VM backup files directly to HP StoreEver Tape natively, all from within the Veeam solution.

Data protection of virtual machines with HP StoreEver Tape Libraries with Veeam Backup & Replication software

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1According to the IDC Branded Tape Tracker CQ2 2013, HP is the worldwide market share leader in total units.
2Using 2.5:1 compression and a fully populated 16 frame ESL G3 tape library.

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