HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software Platform is a comprehensive wired and wireless network management tool supporting the FCAPS model, provides for end-to-end business management of IT, scalability of system architecture, and accommodation of new technology and infrastructure. Intelligent Management Center (IMC) Enterprise Software Platform supports the management of both HP and third-party devices.

The base license supports 50 devices with additional licenses available for purchase. Both eAPI library and five nodes of IMC Network Traffic Analyzer (NTA) Software are included.


Comprehensive Network Management For Global Enterprise Networks

The HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software Platform is aimed at enterprises and organizations with branches and scales from hundreds to thousands of devices. Integrates fault management, element configuration, and network monitoring from a central vantage point.
Contains license support for 50 managed devices and 5 nodes of Network Traffic Analyzer Software (NTA) with available additional licenses for purchase.
Manage large, heterogeneous networks and scale for high-availability through a flexible, distributed deployment model to multiple servers.
Gather data about network, resource, and administrator performance with flexible, centralized reporting deliverable on an individual or periodic basis.
Delivers an extensive RESTful eAPI library that can be integrated with third-party software for additional functionality.

Comprehensive Resource Management for Easy Device Management

The HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software Platform offers management capabilities for a wide range of devices from routers and switches to desktops and servers.
View and monitor devices in a variety of visual methodologies, by device, IP, network topology, or through a custom view. Utilize the Security Control Center to enforce device settings consistently and sound alarms when they become non-compliant.
Ascertain the health of a particular device through the device details page containing the summary, connectivity testing, real-time data, and the option to Telnet/SSH into the device to fix any issues.
Leverage the Configuration Center to verify that devices are up to date, backed up, or modified in any particular way. The Configuration Center can also be used to track device changes.

Detailed Performance Monitoring with Real-time Notifications

The HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software Platform provides the ability to monitor device performance for report generation, performance information, and alarm notification.
Individually or collectively monitor devices for threshold settings, which when exceeded, will sound an alarm.
Be alerted with integrated alarm notifications and easily fix issues from the console or opting to utilize Telnet/SSH proxy.
Includes five nodes of IMC Network Traffic Analyzer Software to analyze network traffic and how it is being consumed by different applications and users.

Virtualization Management for VLANs, Virtual and Physical Networks

The HP Intelligent Management Center Enterprise Software Platform is one of the first management tools to integrate and monitor both virtual and physical networks.
Supports a variety of hypervisors including VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix Xen and KVM.
Manage VLANs on a global or on a per device basis and create standardized VLANs one-by-one or in a batch operation.
View the status of all the VLANs through a network topology view, with the ability to monitor and manage devices from the same view.
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