HP Server Automation Standard 30-day Free Trial Available

HP Server Automation Standard 30-day Free Trial Available


Part of the HP Cloud Automation Solutions, HP Server Automation Standard aka HP Server Automation Virtual Appliance (SAVA) is a single HP Server Automation (SA) core packaged as a virtual machine. This offering completely simplifies the setup required for HP Server Automation and reduces the setup time to under an hour. SAVA is targeted specifically for small to medium-size deployments and with SAVA, customers will be able to manage the entire lifecycle of servers including provisioning, patch management, software deployment and audit and compliance for up to 3000 servers.

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Automate server operations to meet business demand

HP Server Automation
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HP Server Automation offers a complete lifecycle management solution for servers, allowing clients to standardize, consolidate and automate server operations in their Hybrid Data Center. HP Server Automation provides a single solution for OS Provisioning, Security Patch Management, Audit and Compliance, Software deployment, configuration management, across Windows, Linux, Unix and covering both physical and virtual platforms. Start realizing the benefits of IT automation in a matter of hours with the latest 10.0 release of HP Server Automation.

Key benefits

  • Simple-to-deploy virtual appliance for rapid time to value
  • Unified physical and virtual management
  • Up-to-date compliance reporting enables remediation in minutes
  • Scale IT automation by managing thousands of servers across multiple sites
  • Streamline operations by consolidating tools

Introducing HP Server Automation

Introducing HP Server Automation

Learn how HP Server Automation provides full lifecycle management for physical and virtual servers for the New Style of IT.


Learn how HP Server Automation provides full lifecycle management for physical and virtual servers for the New Style of IT.

Increase operational efficiency

HP Automation Services provide a suite of foundational services to help you implement HP Server Automation, HP Operations Orchestration and HP Database and Middleware Automation. Through automation of the operational tasks and processes, HP Automation Services can help manage infrastructure growth and frees resources and budget for IT to invest in innovation.

HP Server Automation Foundation Service

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