Business resilience through proven expertise

consulting, managed and cloud-based services for business continuity

HP Continuity Services help enterprises and governments maintain the continuity of their IT-based business processes. This service offering extends far beyond the traditional realm of IT disaster recovery to assist in maintaining the continuity and availability of an environment against a wide array of operational risks. HP offers expert consulting, managed services, and cloud-based services for business continuity.

Reduce risk, lower costs, and gain flexibility

Our continuity services:

  • Provide robust protection of complex IT environments: traditional IT and cloud, midrange and mainframe, data center and workplace, infrastructure and applications, and multiple sourcing models
  • Improve recovery times and recovery points at costs that are 20% to 65% less than in-house, repurposed test/development solutions
  • Maintain the agility and flexibility of your continuity solution to easily support changes in your IT environment, people, and business processes

Our consulting portfolio includes:

  • Business Continuity Consulting
  • IT Service Continuity Management
  • High Availability Consulting

Our managed and cloud services include:

  • Data Center Continuity Services (Enterprise Cloud Services—Continuity, Managed Resiliency Services, Data Center Recovery Services)
  • Data Protection Services
  • Workplace Continuity Services

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cost-effective recovery-as-a-service

Cost-effective recovery-as-a-service that recovers traditional IT environments to the cloud.