Transformation vs. treading water

If you’re like many companies, you’ve been making do with your legacy systems as long as possible. But keeping legacy applications running smoothly is a time-consuming, resource-intensive process. Eventually, you have to deal with the rigid, outdated infrastructure and applications. You need agile applications to respond quickly to competitive threats or new opportunities and ensure you’re in a strong position when the economy recovers.

There is no need to put off the journey any longer.

HP Applications Modernization Services helps you every step of the way through the transformation journey, starting with building the business case and identifying funding options.

  • We help create a business plan and roadmap for your organization based on your goals and objectives, breaking down modernization into smaller, more manageable steps.
  • We integrate legacy applications with new modern environments, helping you migrate to open standard infrastructures that reduce the total cost of ownership.

Begin with the end in mind

Applications rationalization is a critical task. The tasks alone can be significant efforts from:

  • Building a complete inventory of all the applications
  • Identifying all the costs associated with them
  • Linking them to the business value they provide
  • Developing a roadmap of actionable modernization projects designed to align them to business and technology strategies going forward

Modernization is no small task. You have a lot riding on your applications and can't afford to waste time or money. That's why businesses turn to the experts at HP.

We've helped customers improve performance, realizing up to a 25 percent increase in productivity. And cut applications operating, maintenance and development costs by as much as half.

Our strategic planning expertise, innovative visualization technologies; patent-pending tools and IP help you enter the modern era where business and technology work in sync.


Our approach includes three basic phases:

  • Assess and rationalize: We assess your complete IT environment including applications, data and infrastructure.
  • Modernize: We transform applications, data and infrastructure from rigid legacy environments to modern environments, taking advantage of today's open standards including service-oriented architecture.
  • Manage: We build solutions with management in mind, whether you're planning to outsource to us or manage the new environment yourselves.

The high cost of doing nothing

Many businesses are running on IT platforms that are the product of years of use and abuse. The majority of their applications may be "hand written" suffering from constant patching; scarce documentation; and reliance on old programming languages that drain resources.

Many hesitate to make changes, thinking the status quo is acceptable. But in reality, there is a high cost to doing nothing. Businesses spend 80 percent of their IT funds on maintenance, support and operations. Licensing costs go up every year; and as employees retire, the cost to hire people with obsolete skills goes up too.

Eventually, these increasing costs crowd out any opportunity to invest in business projects and innovation. That's the true cost of doing nothing. And that's why applications rationalization and applications modernization are essential. The good news is there are new technologies that deliver greater performance with lower cost and risk; and we can help you get started on your transformation today.


Are you ready for modernization?

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