Charting the course

Priorities shift. Companies merge. Directions change. Navigating through those challenges and making the most of opportunities demands that your IT initiatives are aligned with your business objectives. Having a clear assessment of your IT strategy, developing a roadmap, moving to cloud where it makes sense, and putting the mechanisms in place to deal with future needs is critical to achieving your goals.

HP IT Transformation Consulting Services works with companies to develop a clear strategy and architecture that allows them to shift gears and adapt as priorities change over time. With limited dollars to spend on IT, ensuring you’re putting your money where your priorities are is essential to getting the most out of your investment.

Setting the standard for IT transformation

HP IT Transformation Consulting Services consultants have developed industry-specific frameworks and patented approach through years of working with companies to transform their IT processes. We work with companies like yours to create a strategic plan that outlines how to incorporate your business processes, systems and applications into a flexible architecture aligned to your business goals.

Our expert consultants can work with you to transform your business in four ways:

  • IT Strategy and Transformation Planning defines and delivers a complete, structured and actionable plan for managing the enterprise's IT transformation
  • IT Governance assesses the current state against industry benchmarks and best practices; and defines the future structure to ensure IT investments are aligned with business goals
  • Enterprise Architecture Planning and Design defines the future-state structures, processes and methodologies and develops a sustainable enterprise architecture program
  • Value Management (Benefits Management and Realization) helps clients create the Benefits Model to ensure consistency of benefits management approach throughout the Program development life-cycle and ‘go live’ service operations. To deliver benefits in a complex environment, the focus has to be on ensuring objectives, planning, communication and benefit tracking all have a common structure across the client’s Business Units. As a result, the client gains:
    • Rigorous benefits calculation - clear, logical, open articulation of the benefits expected from an investment
    • Better decision making - based on maximizing benefits, not merely achieving arbitrary time-bound milestones
    • Program Success - focusing on business value, not just time, cost and quality, increasing the probability of Program success

Getting the most out of your IT investment

Managing the day-to-day business and IT tasks that keep the organization up and running leaves little time for comprehensive IT planning. Transforming from within is difficult. IT resources are often consumed by maintenance, with limited capacity for innovation.

Mergers and acquisitions require merging IT resources as well, integrating and managing all of the IT investments and programs toward one vision. Having a clear assessment of your current needs and mechanisms in place to deal with future needs helps minimize risks and ensure you’re getting the most value out of your IT investment.