Bring your printing costs under control

For every dollar your company spends printing a page, another nine may be spent managing that page. An All Associates Group study reported that Corporate 2000 enterprises spend roughly six percent of their revenue on imaging and printing on average, with some industries as high as 14 percent.

It's time to lower these costs and bring your system under control. A key place to look for cost savings is in your printing environment. Organizations that manage their printer, copier and fax fleets can save between 10 and 30 percent of their print costs by managing their print infrastructure and automating paper-based workflows.

Managed Print Services provides managed services, software and supplies for imaging and printing-related devices—with flexible procurement, transition and management options. We offer services for office, production and commercial print environments.

Part of a complete services solution

We offer a suite of imaging and printing management services to bring order to your printing environment, including:

Assessment Services:

Understand your current usage, find hidden costs and develop a business case for change.

Financial and Procurement Services:

Contains costs from technology acquisition to retirement and replacement.

Transition and Implementation Services:

Ensures you have the right equipment installed and that end-users know how to make the most of it.

Management and Support Services:

Maximizes ROI through fleet uptime and optimization, award-winning support and supplies management – communication is handled by your account delivery manager.

Document and Workflow Services:

Automates paper-intensive workflows and continually improve infrastructure management.

Network Infrastructure and Asset Management:

Technology and best practices to proactively, remotely and securely install, configure, maintain and monitor a fleet of imaging and printing devices and solutions.