High quality mobile user experiences

Testing Mobility

Enabling enterprise mobility creates competitive advantages and process efficiencies that can change business and buying behaviors. Tech savvy users with a diverse range of preferred mobile devices have high expectations when it comes to the quality of their user experience.

Developing and testing mobile applications and services for business users and customers are costly, can impede product launch, and have rigorous requirements for security and performance. The right testing solution can help you optimize deployment of applications for multiple devices – providing you with a high-quality experience while staying within budget.

Mobile testing services

We understand that functional quality, usability, performance and security are critical to the overall mobile user experience. To help you validate the quality of your mobile applications, we deliver a full suite of mobile testing services that includes:

  • Real device testing
  • Device compatibility testing
  • Mobile application test automation
  • Mobile usability testing
  • Mobile performance testing
  • Mobile network testing
  • Mobile security testing
  • Localization testing

We leverage our market leading HP ALM/Quality Center testing tools for Unified Mobile Testing on real devices, in real locations and across real carrier networks.


An approach of script once, test many to contain costs

Testing mobile applications on multiple devices is a repetitive and time-consuming process that is best optimized with a script once, test many automation approach. Test automation can reduce the testing cycle by more than 80 percent while delivering near100 percent test coverage of your mobile application requirements.

With test automation, you can:

  • Test more for less
  • Leverage the compounding value to help you contain the cost of new application releases to multiple devices
  • Meet aggressive time-to-market schedules

Real devices in real locations

We test your mobile applications on real devices, in real locations, across real carrier networks. With our partners, we deliver a unified mobile testing solution that leverages the power of HP Quality Center and HP QuickTest Pro with access to real devices in real locations from the HP MobileCloud.


Time to market with confidence

The race is on to find competitive advantage through mobile interactions. Secure, seamless, context-aware experiences will redefine industries and change the way business users and customers interact with your enterprise. Time-to-market is critical, but the quality of the experience cannot be compromised as the range of devices continues to grow. Our mobile application testing services deliver the right testing solution to help you beat the competition to market – knowing that your mobile applications are defect-free and secure on any device.