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Transformation Services - CEM

Even with increased spend on security these days, most enterprises don’t have enough time or in-house talent to cover the growing demand. HP can help. Our Managed Security Services extends your team’s capabilities, leveraging the expertise of more than 5,000 security experts to improve your security posture, reduce risk, and increase security effectiveness.

Through our portfolio of managed, monitored, and intelligence security services, you can:

  • Quickly respond to intrusions for faster service restoration
  • Reduce capital expenditure and control operating costs
  • Get a complete view of your threat profile through intelligence tools and analysis
  • Utilize our industry-specific knowledge of legal, regulatory, and standard developments including PCI, SOX, HIPPA, and EU Data Privacy laws

HP provides a network of ten global Security Operations Centers (SOCs), Clients can obtain monitoring, management, and threat remediation, 24/7/365, from sites around the world. We cover over 7,000 enterprise networks: closing new vulnerabilities, updating firewalls, restoring compromised data, and getting damaged systems back online.

Included in every HP Managed Security Service is access to the MSS Portal. It is a single window into your security environment. This “next gen” security portal presents a consolidated view of risk-to-attack vectors in a business-friendly format through easy-to-understand visuals and reports.

We provide the most complete security portfolio in the market, with everything you need from the endpoint to the data center. And we work with you towards the solutions that fit your unique enterprise, integrating and coordinating services across your environment. It’s all part of securing what matters most to you.

Data Loss Prevention

Compromised data can result in business and reputation loss, litigation, and compliance concerns. HP applies a holistic security approach to develop a secure information management and risk mitigation program.

Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection

Attackers are now better organized and motivated by new goals, with more powerful tools and techniques at their disposal. Defend your organization against DDoS attacks by leveraging world-class experts and constantly managed services from HP.

Identity and Access Management

To gain full control over users and their access privileges, organizations need to take a proactive approach. HP offers a variety of identity management solutions to clients, from provisioning, access governance, strong authentication, and public key infrastructure.


SC Magazine recognized HP as the Excellence Awards winner for the Best Identity Management Solution at the 2015 SC Magazine Awards Europe, June, 2015.

Managed Endpoint Security

Protecting endpoints and the data they hold from external attacks is vital to your organization. With endpoint threat management, you can prevent malware from infiltrating company devices.

Managed Network Security

Your network infrastructure must be protected and regularly updated to defend against attacks and misuse. HP Managed Network Security Services can help you protect and maintain your infrastructure by providing visibility and control over your network and applications.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Envision the ability to see event data in real time and then act on it as it happens. Built on a market-leading technology platform, HP ArcSight, SIEM systems collect and correlate masses of information—millions of different events—and transform that data into:

  • Comprehensible dashboard displays
  • Comprehensive management reports, and
  • Actionable alerts.

Vulnerability Management

HP Vulnerability Management Services provide capabilities for proactive and periodic scanning of the corporate IT infrastructure to discover vulnerabilities. They also provide threat intelligence information correlated and focused on your critical technologies.


Case studies

HP protects Syngenta data and intellectual property

HP manages security operations for the European Space Agency